What traditional media may not understand is that there is a difference between celebrities and online influencers. In an age when new marketing and hybrid tools are used to drive marketing campaigns, it is important that the main differentiator during these campaigns is the collaboration between and brands and influencers. Influencers have worked hard to build a keen and enthusiastic audience. It is not accidental to attain the results these influencers have.

Standing out in 2020 on Instagram or Snapchat is more complex than it was years ago. An influencer’s power to affect the purchasing decisions of his or her audience shouldn’t be underestimated. According to Adrian Kotowski, CEO of Audiencly one of the world’s leading influencer marketing agencies in gaming with an influencer pool of 50, 000 + influencers, “the landscape of influencer marketing is constantly changing. Humans are influenced by what they see and the aesthetics are no different. You can’t afford to be an influencer and be drab. The audience is constantly looking for “what comes next?”

Adrian states that for his agency is selective with the influencers they have on their talent pool.

This is why Audiencly is capable of designing running marketing campaigns in the most efficient way.

Influencers are commercializing on the popularity of such platforms as Youtube, Instagram, twitter and more. Perhaps you should too if you are trying to reach out to a broader audience for your brand or product. Adweek predicted the industry should have reached 10 billion dollars in worth in 2020.

Influencer marketing is here to stay, although the industry is constantly evolving. The next three years would be drastically different from now. Time to find your influencers and access it benefits now.


  • Casey Imafidon

    Casey Imafidon

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