That’s a wrap on graduation and birthday season in our house. It’s been an amazing two weeks full of so many memories and milestones.

As I was looking through photos, reminiscing, I came across this one.

Looks amazing, doesn’t it?!  Every person in my family had looked at the back of my car and admired it once I finished. I received absolute rave reviews! 

Do you notice anything unusual or out of place? 

If you’re like the many who saw it before you, you might not. 

I forgot to cross my “t” in congratulations.

Why does this matter you might ask? 

Well, that little crossed “t” is one of the many things at the heart of what seems to be happening in our world right now.

If anyone had noticed I hadn’t crossed my “t”, they would’ve pointed it out. I would’ve been grateful and would have corrected it. Not a big deal.

Instead, they never saw it. They felt the intention behind the words I was conveying. They felt the emotion of what my heart was saying. They felt the loving vibration of my message and didn’t even notice the “t” was not crossed.  

It seems right now, many people in our world are picking on each other about the “crossing t” and “dotting i“ words people are using rather than listening to the intention of the speaker’s heart. 

We all forget to “cross t”s and “dot I”s. We all say the incorrect words once in a while. But…

Intention is powerful. 

It can even make us see things that are not there. Like a crossed “t”.

It helps us understand one another. 

In one of my series classes, I have my students take part in an exercise where one student speaks for 2 minutes and the other partner is not allowed to speak at all. Not even an “Ah-hum.” They are only allowed to communicate with their eyes and their intention. 

It is such a powerful 2 minutes. 

Both parties, after each taking a turn, find themselves heard and understood. 

Intention is powerful. 

We place so much importance on the tiniest spoken word or detail when in truth, our vibe speaks louder than words. What’s your vibe been saying recently?  Have you been so caught up in the words that you’ve missed the intention? 

And I know right now there are some ill-intentions out there and it is hard to manage. 

However, it is your job to intend love. 

Often, ill intentioned people are suffering so deeply that they do not know any other way to respond to people or situations. If you can look closer, see their suffering and understand the deeper hurt of that person, it can move your heart to compassion.

When your heart moves to compassion, love is not far behind. 

As you sit in a place of love, you will heal your own heart and those who are suffering around you. 

Be the love intender and watch how your world begins to shift in miraculous ways. We need everyone to be a love intender right now.

Join me for this week’s meditation, How Intention can change what we see,  to open your heart, connect to your true intention and heal the challenging relationships or upsetting news watching in your life.