Since the COVID-19 epidemic has begun, most enterprises faced the problem of remote work. Sure, for IT companies and freelance platforms it was not a novelty, but small businesses and manufacturers had to adapt to the unknown type of working process’s organization. 


VPN Is the New Black

So, the questions of security arose. Companies started using VPN services to protect their traffic, privacy, and restrict or block unwanted data. As a result, the best VPN ratings stood out providing all those things and even more. 

However, any software is perfect. Some publicly known VPN vulnerabilities tempt hackers to attack. One of the most spread kinds of hacker attacks is phishing targeting remote employees. People reveal their personal information like passwords or credit card numbers and eventually access to a company network. 

What can be done? That is what we do here at Cloudbric. Cloudbric’s Remote Access solution works in the same way as a VPN does while being more resistant to hacker attacks due to its less vulnerability. 

Ways of Remote Control

There are many different ways to control devices remotely, so we did research to find the most effective and modern solutions that ensure your remote employees’ devices es security.

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is one of the components of Microsoft Windows. It allows a user to take control of a remote computer or virtual machine over a network connection. For an organization, RDS enables the IT department to install apps on a central server instead of multiple computers. Also, remote users can log on and use those apps over the network. RDS and Windows authentication systems also prevent unauthorized users from accessing apps or data.

Remote Support Manager

This program provides access to commonly-used features on target devices as well as the ability to access multiple functions on the target device simultaneously.


This protocol is widely used to log in remotely from one system into another. It perfectly deals with tasks like issuing remote commands and managing networks.


This network protocol is oriented on text communication using a virtual terminal connection. However, because of serious security concerns when using Telnet over the Internet, its use has waned significantly in favor of SSH. 


TeamViewer service is the most widespread one. According to their statistics, more than 2 billion devices are connected to the service for now. The biggest advantage of this piece of software is its ability to connect to any PC or server easily. TeamViewer works with Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems, and Mobile (Android, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone) devices, which means no borders during the remote work. 

How to choose the best remote access solution? You can find more information on the most popular services and understand for which purpose they suit best here. 

Microsoft’s Experience


Microsoft is a huge company; its workforce is scattered around the whole world. How do they manage to organize an effective and safe remote work of thousands of people? Fortunately, Microsoft shared some tips with the public. Here are some components of their formula.

System of User Identity and Access

To work productively and securely, everybody who needs access to the corporate network receives a primary account synced to Azure AD.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

They offer three authentication methods to ensure that a person can be allowed to a corporate network.

Productivity Applications

Microsoft uses apps like Microsoft 365, Outlook mobile, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive to enable the remote workers to do real-time co-authoring and commenting on documents in the cloud. This solution made it easy for users to save their files to OneDrive and led to a rise in productivity.

Meetings and Collaboration

Feedback and information exchange is vital for every team. That is why it is a daily practice at Microsoft to chat, arrange meetings, and calls via the Teams. They also record meetings so that all attendees can access what they have missed and listen in to the most relevant parts.

Service Monitoring

Microsoft management built product telemetry monitoring into every solution. It helps check to report for user satisfaction metrics and changes to service behavior.

Last Words

So, there are plenty of ways to control the devices of an employee working remotely. Choose the one that suits you most and does not forget about your data’s security!

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