How Jamal Giraneza Is Empowering Young People through Entrepreneurship

The world is evolving at a breakneck pace, far faster than our educational system has been able to keep up with.

In a world where climate change is wreaking havoc on our economies, societies, and environment, where unemployment and inequalities are highly prevalent, and trust in international cooperation is rapidly declining, empowering young people and giving them enough opportunities to seize the future can foster change.

Youth all across the world are inspiring and enlisting the help of their peers to address some of the most critical issues of our time, such as climate justice, equitable education, and sustainable development, as well as the global single-use plastic waste disaster. They’re working, and they’re getting results.

Empowering and Inspiring Young people To Become Responsible Citizens

Hundreds of thousands of young people confront obstacles to their education and livelihoods around the world, particularly those who live in low-resource regions with significant unemployment and a history of conflict.

Young people need the optimal balance of skills to flourish in a world of rapid change. Information is becoming more readily available, and retaining facts is becoming less crucial than it once was. Academic skills are still crucial, but they aren’t enough to develop intelligent, productive, and involved citizens.

Young people all across the world must develop a broader set of abilities in order to evaluate and use knowledge in ways that meet the new demands of our changing social and economic environment.

Jamal Giraneza is a self-made entrepreneur and the director of Habnab Group who believes in giving young people genuine opportunity to express themselves can help them grow emotionally, intellectually and socially.  

Aims & Objectives of the Habnab Group

The primary aim of Habnab Group is to lift the youth out of poverty and give them the skill set, tools and techniques to be active members and leaders in their community.

The youth presents one fifth of the global population and therefore Jamal believes in giving back to the society and helping the youth to become effective leaders.

Giraneza’s greatest ambition has always been to create opportunities, sharing his entrepreneurship knowledge and motivating the younger generation to have the ability to start with nothing yet doing great things out of love and building a better future for themselves and their community.

With low levels of education and competence, limited money, and insufficient social and business networks, impoverished youngsters have unique hurdles in finding safe and meaningful occupations.

Many people find it difficult to strike a balance between their education and the obligations of contributing to their family’s finances.

Vulnerable youth have little options other than low-paying day labor in the informal sector, where they are frequently exposed to risky and exploitative situations.

With the efforts of the Habnab Group, Citizens of the future could be more involved, thoughtful, courteous, and empathetic. They also help them to think big, hope for the best and envision a better tomorrow.

Striving For a Better Future By Empowering Young Professionals

Jamal believes that by sharing his stories and by connecting with people, one can build a stronger, more cohesive community that provides support to everyone, especially during challenging times.

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By empowering young people to actively shape the society they want to live in, Habnab group is training a generation to flourish in a changing environment and address the world’s most pressing social concerns.

By empowering young people to actively shape the society they want to live in, Habnab group is focusing on empowering a generation to flourish in a changing environment and address the world’s most pressing social concerns by providing them with an opportunity where they could meet like-minded people that have the same passion and goals.

By giving young professionals a space where they could network and make their voices heard.

Street Intelligence – Culture of Excellence

Everybody needs a culture of excellence. Especially when you come from difficult circumstances such as poverty, every step you take towards success is worth reminiscing and celebration.

Street Intelligence is a movement that is built to create an awareness for young professionals with big dreams who desire to be noticed, to have an impact, and to learn how to generate more income and advance more rapidly.

One of the core values of Habnab is to honor young professionals’ and to build the kind of culture where everybody could belong regardless of race and culture. To create something that could inspire and motivate young professionals to excellence.

Dreams are similar to road maps. Change we aspire to see and form who we become is similar to plans that will lead us where we want to go. All you need to do is to believe and be the best version of yourself.

This culture of excellence is an opportunity to form new friendships and strong networking with people that have the same passion, mindset and goals and to give them a space where they can express their voice without limitation. Success is the ability to be self-reliant. When young professionals are empowered, the can channel their motivation, creativity and energy to their agenda.