Courtesy of Humble Sound Music Group

Tell us about yourself. My name is James Worthy, Music Producer, Songwriter, Recording Artist & Actor from Queens, NY.

Throughout the years we’ve heard music change within all genre’s. Some were good, some were bad, but in 2019 there is a much needed change put in affect from a well known musician. James Worthy has shown us many times that he is the go to when it comes to quality music. Most recently “Blu Leisure” his debut EP expresses the pure essence of R&B & melody throughout the entire project. Even with the help of a few collaborations with: Tony Terry, Sonna Rele, Kalenna Harper, & Ecstacy you can’t go wrong. It’s safe to say that James is not only a rising R&B star, but is on the verge of changing the sound of music. Each song had it’s own unique tone, and style which made the mood of the project easy to digest from top to bottom. If you have not heard “Blu Leisure” it is a must have in which it is available everywhere.

Watch “LUV & High Levels”

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