Jacob Anthony Matthews, professionally known as Jamskillet, aka ‘JAM,’ is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and model from Cleveland, Ohio. To build such a profound reputation for yourself in the music industry is hard; to do it alone is nearly impossible. Jam took that challenge seriously and began to navigate the industry on his own in 2011. Here’s precisely how Jam took a stressful beginning and beat all the negativity he faced. 

Stick to the Plan When the Pressure Is on 

Early on in Jam’s life, his small-town dreams felt like the elephant in the room. It seemed that, no matter how much you believe in yourself, everybody had something to say. In the beginning, Jam faced a lot of negativity and backlash for his dreams of becoming an artist; those two situations always breed an environment detrimental to growth. 

As Jam continued to persevere past what people said about him, he spent time perfecting his craft within an environment that did not aid his growth. A crucial path that led Jam to stick to his plan and slowly tune out the hate he received as a new artist.

Utilizing Emotions as a Creative Fuel 

In 2012, Jamskillet knew he was on the right path as an artist when he started to tap into emotions as a creative fuel source. A rather vague and almost untapped niche for artists of all kinds, Jam could be considered a pioneer of this developing genre of music. 

At the time, Jam’s increasing fan base had been reaching out to the artist, adding that his music had helped them overcome depressions, anxieties, and other anxious severe states. It was at that moment that Jam realized his music had a very tailored audience, so he began to create music based on the emotions he was helping enlighten for others. 

He began with a music video for ‘Breathe’ that featured a slightly goth vibe with compelling and uplifting messages for his fans that were facing those battles. A song that genuinely revolutionized combining hip-hop to another pane of music. 

Breaking Down Jam’s Tips to Help with Anxiety and Stress

Since Jam knows a vast majority of his fans often feel feelings of depression, hopelessness, and so on, he realizes his music does help a lot of these people through dark times in their life. Below are a few tips jam would like to share with his audience to combat anxiety

Tip 1: Take a Few Deep Breaths: Sometimes taking a quick breather is all you need in a difficult situation. 

Tip 2: Meditate: Meditating is always helpful when you need to clear your head and unwind from a stressful day. 

Tip 3: Listen to Some Good Music: often, a few good songs can help us unwind and relax after stressful situations.