Jordan Platten is a digital marketer, author, and speaker from the UK. His story to success is quite intriguing. He is widely known for scaling a marketing agency to a six-figure profits in 90 days. Through private coaching and personal branding, he has helped many people escape the rat-race of employment and become financially free. Jordan has since generated hundreds of thousands in extra revenue for businesses throughout the world.

How it all began

At 23 years old, Jordan was trying to keep a nightclub events company afloat, which resulted in him getting kicked out of university as the late nights meant he couldn’t always make it to lectures. With a failing events business at hand and nowhere to turn to, he knew he had to work his way up in one way or another. 

In the two years following, Jordan worked his way through three different jobs. None of those jobs made him feel happy or fulfilled. He’d quit after boredom struck, ready to move to something else-something. He spent his whole working days thinking about how to get out of these jobs. Despite being deflated by the sales industry, he was consistently within top commission earners.

However, this wasn’t enough for him. He needed more even though he was earning a reasonable sum of money. To him, his earnings were irrelevant until he could start working for himself. He realized that he had to get out and find something that he could leverage to achieve self-employment and create financial freedom.

The First Move 

With the urge to take action, Jordan reached out to a friend who had recently quit their job to pursue an online business model. The two had a conversation about the most suitable online model for Jordan. Quickly the topic moved to social media marketing, the model of managing paid online advertisements for other businesses.  That same evening Jordan started immersing himself into the industry.

As well as reading books and watching videos, Jordan invested all of his savings into mentorship and online training courses. With this digital marketing information at hand, he managed to sign two clients and quit his full-time job two weeks later. He then proceeded to systemize $0-$10,000 a month in less than 90 days after that. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

More Success

After scaling to a 5-figure monthly earning within 90 days, Jordan decided to launch his first online training business. He wanted to use his social media training courses to let other people throughout the world have an opportunity to start their own profitable online marketing agency. 

Through the Social Media Marketing School, Jordan Platten has had the pleasure of mentoring thousands of people all over the world regardless of their age or social status, e.g. university dropouts, stay at home mums, high school students, etc. Nothing makes him happier than helping other people transform their lives. 

In summary: In addition to making $0-$10,000 a month in less than 90 days, Jordan has managed to:

• Build his own company from scratch to six-figure profits

• Publish his first book – The 15 Minute Agency

 • Successfully launch an online marketing school with over 1,000 international students.

 • Generate hundreds of thousands in extra revenue for various companies throughout the world

Bottom Line

Although Jordan has had a successful social media marketing journey, it hasn’t been easy. There were many times at the start of his journey that he felt like giving up. For instance, one of his first three clients suddenly wanted to terminate their contract with immediate effect, due to their business selling. This took away a third of his income overnight, creating a ton of self-doubt. Nonetheless, he was determined to prove all the people who doubted him wrong. Even his former boss had told him to “prepare for failure” after he handed in his resignation letter. This was always something that pushed Jordan to strive for more. The road to success has been and will continue to be rocky, but nothing worth having comes easy and that’s the true beauty of the entrepreneurship journey.