Most of the time, people feel stressed or burned out from work or school. There are also some instances when the pressure comes from our homes and our families.

That’s why Karinna Berrospi, a renowned family coach, underscores how important it is to create strong familial ties and work towards a bigger purpose: creating a family legacy to create stronger and happier families. 

Sage Advice For Families 

As a wife, entrepreneur, and mother of a six-month-old son, Karinna knows how families function and how its members can coordinate to create a safe, healthy, and wealthy environment. 

During a time like this, when a global pandemic brought adverse effects on economies everywhere, money has become one of the primary concerns in families thus causing anxiety and stress to those who only wish to provide for their loved ones. 

To address this, Karinna advises families to learn how to manage their finances for the future with a long-term vision. This includes investing, applying for life insurance, and designing a financial safety net. 

But these activities need not be for parents alone since the children can also learn about financial stability to prepare them for the future. 

Karinna teaches families how to become financially secure and create a legacy for themselves through her family coaching brand. Just last May 2021, Karinna launched Latino Family Coaching (LFC), a program designed to elevate the quality of life beyond financial earnings for Latino families. It is focused on helping Latinos make long-term financial plans that set up a financial legacy for future generations.

LFC was created by love and support, founded by Karinna in partnership with her sister, Gabriela Berrospi, founder of Latino Wall Street. 

Dealing With Stress And Burnout 

Aside from helping others create a family legacy, Karinna also keeps herself in good shape, mentally, physically, and economically.  

Karinna is a firm believer in the subconscious mind and the power of words. She also believes in investing to improve quality of life, not just the real estate, stock market, and crypto, which she also does. 

Whenever she feels like she needs a break, she goes to her beach house in the Caribbean once a month to connect with nature and digital detox. 

“I am accelerated by nature and yoga helps me to pause. It is good to always stop and evaluate where things are going well and where not. I do that self-assessment monthly alongside my husband,” she said. 

Learn more about Karinna Berrospi through her Instagram page (@karinnaberrospi)