After years of trading and being known as the millionaire entrepreneur for trading stocks, Tim Sykes decided that there’s so much more to life than earning money. Right now, our world is threatened by a lot of environmental issues and everyone of us should do something about it and we can do so by learning about these issues and helping spread awareness to all the people we know.

Founded by Timothy Sykes and photographer Mattheau Abad, both partnered with the earnest commitment of letting everyone in the world know there’s a lot of things that we must do to help ensure our planet’s future and we must do them now before it’s too late in a few years.

The environment is being destroyed due to our irresponsible behavior, more and more animal species are becoming endangered, elephants and rhinos are going extinct, coral reefs are dying, and plastics are everywhere and this is slowly killing the marine ecosystem, not to mention far too many animals on land too. They both wanted to save the planet in any way they can and getting people to work together is the key — this is how The Karmagawa Foundation came to be.

Karmagawa was taken from the word “karma” which means the results of a person’s actions, or destiny and Filipino word “gawa” which means to do or make in the Tagalog language of the Philippines. The word “karmagawa” actually means to do or to make good deeds. The entire message of Karmagawa is the importance of making your own destiny, where the more good deeds you do, the more positive your destiny. It is in this message that Sykes want people to realize what it means to give back to others and how this is all not just about giving back to the community, but also to yourself.

Tim Sykes and Mat Abad are working on changing people’s mindset about giving back through Karamagawa. And not only that, they are also changing the way people think of charities through the power of storytelling and social media. This content should be able to translate into monetary donations to be able to fund certain causes and charities or non-profit organizations such as Save The Children, Veterans Empowered To Protect Wildlife, Pencils of Promise, Bali Children’s Project and so many more. 

With the use of videos and honest storytelling to make an impact, they created a documentary about rhinos that have amassed 30 million views and was shared six million times. This was then followed by another documentary about the coral reefs with more than four million views in just four months. A documentary about plastics is currently on the works to be produced on Earth Day next year.

To date, they have donated $4 million dollars to these charities and has been able to build 57 schools and libraries, rescue 3,752 animals, and provide over 227,272 meals served all around the world…and while they’re just getting started, they need your help so check out and see how you can get involved!