While autism is increasingly being seen in the media spotlight, mum of three, Jodie Isitt, is taking things one step further to break down the taboo with the launch of a new Kickstarter campaign.  

The children’s book author, self-funded her first book, Autism with Lola – Playing with Bourbon Badger via Autism with Love, and is looking to raise £6,000 from this Kickstarter so she can complete book two, Lola’s Wobbly Lunchtime.

By securing investment, which starts at £15, Jodie will not only get her book to market, but also continue to teach children, and their parents, why some things are difficult for others, but that everyone matters, and inclusion is vital to harmony in society. 

Believing that autism doesn’t define individuals and families, Jodie has seen first-hand the discrimination, judgement and exclusion that can happen when ignorance is at play. Jodie, who was recently nominated for an award to mark her services to change, is determined to help others understand autism and has used her family’s experiences to create positive stories and inspiring role models.

Giftsets, early bird copies of the new book, stickers, colouring sheets as well as signed copies of Playing with Bourbon Badger, are all on offer for those who pledge donations, but it’s more the change in behaviour and perceptions that’s up for grabs with Jodie. 

Jodie says, “All three of my children are autistic and have additional needs and I know only too well the wilderness we live in and the barriers that are put in our way. We know there are cuts being made across the education system that not only impacts basic learning, but makes it impossible for children to learn about the wider community, about difference, love and tolerance.

Jodie says, “I’ve fully funded my work to date, but now need investment to help me not only publish the next books. This capital will also give me the means to roll out education plans and drive policy so that disabilities are accepted, judgement is quelled, and explanations and apologies are no longer needed when the lines of ‘normal’ are blurred.”

She ends by saying, “I’m determined to teach our children about compassion, tolerance and acceptance and that is what I am doing with my storytelling; and if you want to do the same, please check out our Kickstarter and get involved.”

For more information go to autismwithlovepublishing.com