Let’s celebrate this Earth Day with gusto like never before.

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only we have the eyes to see them.”
John Ruskin

Well, it’s time to capture our resilience and celebrate Nature. To be honest, every day is Earth Day but let’s try to make this one special for our kids. For starters, this is a leap year and it’s late spring. 

What does it mean for all of us? It means we get one extra day and it’s a time when Nature is blooming. As the Earth dons a new outfit and begins a lush chapter on the landscape, let’s be grateful and rejoice at its beauty.

 As we stay huddled in the comfort of our homes, let’s try and pay homage to our constant friend, ‘Nature’. In the times of pandemic, we have adjusted to a new lifestyle but out there Nature is still alive. The crickets are singing, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and Nature is going about as if it’s business as usual.

Here is what we can do to make this Earth Day special:

Pocketful of sunshine:

Be a kid again, remember those endless hours we used to watch dust specks dancing in a ray of sunlight. Let’s do it again, this time with our kids and allow the sunlight to stream in and watch the dance.

Tend to our little potted plants:  

As Nature is blooming, so do our plants. It’s time to take a brisk walk around our yard and mow the grass. We can even tend to our potted plants and take out that wayward weed sprouting there. Teach our children the skill of gardening and let them revel in it.

Watch Nature as it come alive:

Yay! It’s spring season and our Earth is dressing up. The time for new leaves to spring up, flowers to bloom and lush fields. Watch out for the cicadas that are still singing and the squirrel too busy going about its work. Look out for the chirping of the birds and the humming of the bees as Nature is singing a beautiful song.

Time for new hobbies:  

Now is the time to do a little bit of birdwatching. Look out the windows and watch the little or the big birds, sitting on the wires. Admire their poise and beauty, as they stay firmly perched! Along with our kids, we can celebrate Nature by observing it. Teach your kids to look out for birds, and observe the little fellas. Nature is teaching its lesson if only we are listening to it.

Sustainable living:

We can pay homage to Nature by marveling and appreciating it. There are 7.8 billion people on the planet. It’s time we teach our kids a little about harmony and symbiotic relationship with Nature. Teach them the importance of conserving water, recycling, reuse and use of renewables in our daily life. 

During these special times and circumstances, as parents, we are finding ourselves as accidental homeschoolers and opting for online tutoring. It’s time when we can encourage our children to connect with Earth Science tutors and set them on a path of virtual discovery.

As parents, we can make our Earth Day special as we have the time to teach them about climate change, wildlife conservation and the importance of reducing the carbon footprint. 

Tell them the importance of organic living and why Nature is a healer. In uncertain times, one can ward off depression, anxiety by simply spending some time in the shade of a tree and watching the flowers. 

Kids can simply open their windows to take in the breeze and the whiff of the flowers, it brings with it. Our children are living in special times where climate activists like Greta Thunberg are making themselves heard. It’s time to teach our kids about climate change, anti-pollution measures and its impact worldwide. As we become the new educators, why not banish the use of plastic and take charge by learning about the aquatic world.

Be ready to watch Nature documentaries, hold drawing competitions for your kids and take virtual tours of National Parks, majestic mountains and African safari online. Take nature-based mindfulness exercises or simply do a couple of yoga stretches out on the porch. Surely, this is a special occasion to embrace our old friend. 

This is how we can pay homage to Nature by teaching our little warriors about the importance of conservation and the beauty of biomes and habitats. Just grab a book on the environment and read it by your window side. Be curious and engage in a fact-finding mission with your children.

Earth Day is special because it’s our only home. It sustains, nourishes and nurtures our soul. Nature has also worn the best attire during this time. So it is on us to preserve it because it is here we get to experience life itself and explore its beauty. 

So get ready to connect with Nature and witness the awakening within. Just remember Nature has always been there for us and it deserves to be fully celebrated. It’s time to take a few moments from our ephemeral lives and take cognizance of Nature, the bestower of all good things and the one that will always stay.