How Leaders bring integrity of teams with customers

COVID- 19 crisis revealed how important it is to collaborate effectively remotely. And company leaders are still constantly under the pressure of innovating and reconsidering approaches to improve employee and customer experience and engagement.

I’ll share my ideas on what can be learned from company leaders worldwide who prove to be real modernization pathfinders in keeping teams and customers connected.

Instill Confidence

To work at full capacity, an employee should get more than just equipment and salary. No less important that has been even more highlighted by the pandemic, is emotional wellbeing. And company leaders have become partly responsible for ensuring it, especially, during times of uncertainty.

No matter, whether they are a leader of an organization or a department, one of their key purposes now is to instill a sense of belonging and security that helps people deal with stress and anxiety during difficult times.

Set Priorities

Every business is different in its mission and its priorities must align with the company’s ultimate goals. And without proper distribution of your resources, they hardly can be achieved.

A Covid-19 pandemic made significant changes to everybody’s personal and business plans and we have to accept it and learn how to live with it. By setting and timely adjustment of the priorities and plans, you can faster achieve your business goals or find new ones.

Moreover, you can look at your aims from different perspectives, and, for example, instead of expanding your business, you can strengthen your relationships with customers by employing new, more quality, and innovative approaches.

And your teams are the best idea-generators and resources to make these plans become true. But to generate good ideas, and, moreover, turn them into life, you need to have resourceful employees that have enough energy and inspiration to do it. And here is where leaders need to ensure their wellness.

For example, you can extend your staff’s wellness resources by employing various programs to make them feel well and engaged. For example, online education & training, online childcare activities, fitness training, workshops, consulting sessions, etc. Anything that encourages work-life balance.

As a result, such a positive attitude in your employees will be translated into a positive connection with your customers and reinforcement of the “win-win” concept.

Be Flexible

The company leader’s role has never been more important for building trust and providing security. And you can achieve it by showing your team that everything is under your control and you are ready to move on no matter what.

By the wise redistribution of the resources, you can also guarantee that you get control of the situation and quickly adjust to new norms and new demands to ensure business continuity.

But don’t become a single source of wisdom and trust. Think of new directions your business can go and opportunities together with your teams. Brainstorm ideas on how your team can improve productivity with new tools, what they are missing to become more engaged with your customers, what new knowledge/skills they are missing to succeed in their roles.

Don’t forget, that the communication model that is applied in communication with your customers is often copied from your internal communication model. And to make your teams good customer listeners you should become one for your teams.

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