Who Is Marqui Management?

I’m reposting an interview I had a few months ago. I’m combing some of the written and audio excerpts. It looks like to site no longer exists so I won’t mention it here, but this interview was about the marketing consulting company I started years ago.

Marqui Management

Marqui Management has always been a part of who I am. In fact, Marqui is my middle name. We were initially called Marqui Marketing, but one day I decided I wanted to do more than marketing, I wanted to branch out into management consulting and business management services.

I know, I seem like one of those guys who like to talk about his own company and accomplishments, but believe me, I’m not. I’m actually the type to make more intimate connections and talk/train people one on one rather than in large groups. Yet, occasionally I’ll notice a trend in my inbox.

This time this trend was somewhat unique, as opposed to the how-to marketing questions, people were taking a more logistical stab at how one person was able to grow a business into six-figures with one client.

How They Grew Their Business

I started a webinar series training people on how to grow their marketing and consulting businesses, how to find clients, keep clients, and scale.

Outside of normal methods provided by gurus, you find online I was coaching people for free. The strategies I used to get my first clients weren’t even digital marketing, which I tell every business I come in contact with that they need it.

However, marketing for marketing companies typically requires a different approach. In a world where no one wants to be sold, it’s tough, even for people looking for a marketing company to want to do business with them.

Marketing has earned a bad rep with all the so-called marketing experts so it’s easy to understand why people can be skeptical at first. This is why it’s not just about advertising and doing all the things we do for other businesses for ourselves.

When you go to the gym you generally know what you’re getting, the same thing as with a grocery store, dry cleaners, lawyer, or even bank. Since you’re already familiar with these types of businesses, you feel less troubled by the idea, and it doesn’t take as long until you’re a happy paying customer.

But with marketing, the industry is always evolving, and people don’t always understand the language that marketers speak. To them, it can sound like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo sales talk.

So instead of spending countless dollars advertising and time performing tedious digital marketing tasks such as SEO, social media marketing, and PPC, we hit the ground running (literally). I was going door to door, reaching out to friends I thought were qualified, and showing up to local events.

Making in-person connections with more people is one of the best ways to grow a marketing consultancy. For me, it was like applying for a job. I could submit one-hundred or two-hundred resumes online and maybe get three or four interviews, but if I dressed up and put on a smile and walked into a business that was hiring, I’d get hired for every one of ten companies.

More often than not, the Internet version of you doesn’t accurately reflect you. It’s like social media, gurus are always posting pictures of them living a lavish lifestyle, but what the public doesn’t know is everything they have to do to capture that one moment. When businesses are looking at resumes, it’s like hiring/following someone just based on their profile.

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, yet it still happens all the time.

For businesses to get to know the type of person I am and the marketing I am able to do I had to do some work for free. I know what a lot of people think, the time and resources it takes to do what we do is tough and now I’m telling you to do it for free? That’s right.

People have to see to believe.

You can’t go waving around the money you earn as proof that you know what you’re doing. What works for you might not work for them. At least that’s what they think. You have to make personal connections whether that means working for the company, volunteering, or helping the people that work for that company.

Eventually, your name will make it around to enough people, sort of like politics. Your chance will come. No matter how small you must take it. No matter how long it takes to scale, you must be patient and continue doing what you do best, and your efforts will be rewarded.

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Marqui Management is a marketing consulting company located in Allen, TX and has been featured on publications such as Forbes, USA Today, Huffington Post, and many others. D’Vaughn Bell is the CEO and oversees IT, operations, sales, and marketing. For more information about Bell or Marqui Management call or visit their website.

Marqui Management
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