Marshall Sandman is thankful that he grew up in a house where he knew where his next meal was coming from. His mother has always provided him with the very best, and this is why the issue of meal security has become so important to him. His Instagram Live show, What to Do with Marshall, devotes every single penny of its profits to a local nonprofit that helps provide meals to at-risk children who are kept out of school due to COVID-19. 

The show, which is supported by Talenti Gelato, has raised around $50,000 for local charities and is completely non-profit for Marshall. His passion for social media trends and consumer habits drove Marshall to start the show, and the incredible connections he’s been able to make with celebrities and influencers through the show has made the experience more than worth it to him. 

Marshall believes that platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok will be the most important parts of the advertising landscape in the coming years, and is positioning himself and his brand accordingly. In fact, the work he does researching these platforms and how consumers discover them helped him land on a platform like IG Live to host his show. Rather than going with a traditional podcast platform, his decision to host the show on IG Live has helped tremendously with engagement and growing his brand. 

Outside of his work on the show, Marshall has written multiple television shows and produced an award winning movie that’s set to premiere in 2021. His success in film production and pitching scripts to studios has been tremendous, and is a testament to his hard work and dedication to his craft. This success has served as a constant reminder of how important it is to pursue your dreams, and Marshall is grateful that he chose to do just that. 

He left a prominent role at WarnerMedia to pursue his passions, and he wouldn’t trade the decision for anything. He had to start from scratch after leaving the corporate world, and his consistent work reaching out to prospects for his show has helped him find success. 

Now that Marshall has built up a brand and has made strong connections with notable people, he’s had more time to focus on things bigger than him. Being able to give back to the local community has meant everything to Marshall, and it gives him a much greater sense of purpose with his work. It’s safe to say that Marshall’s continued success will be much bigger than just him.