As a men’s stylist, Marvin Osifo is dedicated to enhancing the style and personal presentation of Australian men to boost their confidence and self-esteem. His goal is to improve the way they feel about themselves, and in turn to help them to put their best foot forward in both their business and personal lives.

Born and raised in Nigeria to a family engaged in fashion design, Marvin’s upbringing cultivated a great appreciation of pattern, color, and style  which eventually led him to migrate to Australia in 1992 where he commenced a career in fashion retail, working for esteemed brands including BALLY, Emporio Armani, and David Jones.

After establishing himself in fashion retail, Marvin went on to study business management, marketing, and event management. Once involved in the events and fashion spaces simultaneously, Marvin quickly observed a lack of opportunities for young designers. 

Being a fashion enthusiast and now events management professional, Marvin was inspired to bridge the gap, incepting his own event for emerging designers, Face Fashion.

Finding Balance In His Schedule 

Marvin has been in the fashion industry for over 12 years. Over time, he has developed an acute understanding of what it takes to become established in the fast-paced world of fashion.

Yet despite being able to adapt to the pace, Marvin also recognizes the importance of balancing his schedule, spending time with loved ones, taking breaks, and putting himself first so that he can continue to enjoy what he loves without feeling stressed or burned out.

“Upon awakening, I first spend some quality time with my family. I then juggle a healthy breakfast whilst I check my emails and social channels, before heading off around Sydney (or interstate and occasionally overseas) to see clients or to work with the companies I partner with,” Marvin said. 

He also tries to get to the gym three to four days a week because it helps boost his mental well-being. 

“It feels good to burn off any pent-up stress and also take care of my body at the same time. I also try to eat a very balanced diet. I no longer drink coffee and I rarely touch alcohol. I believe that good health, mind, and body, will always reflect in your day-to-day efficiency,” Marvin said. 

Not Beating Around the Bush 

When it comes to facing obstacles, Marvin has a few different methods to deal with them. But his favorite approach, which he uses on a daily basis, is to face the obstacle. 

“I don’t like to beat around the bush. If I’m having an issue with something, I like to solve that issue or obstacle. I always keep in mind the end objective. Sometimes the bigger obstacle has smaller obstacles to overcome. When thinking about challenges, I break them down and tackle them in smaller pieces,” Marvin said. 

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