Learning Yoga

Meditation is a process of relaxing your body. It is more about de-concentration rather than concentration. It is a motion of entering a state of mind that has no thoughts. Mental discipline gets developed which helps one to get beyond the “thinking” mind into a deeper state of awareness.

The word meditation comes through the Latin “meditation”, which originally indicated any type of physical or intellectual exercise.

 It provides multiple benefits to a person’s physiological, emotional, and even spiritual well being. The chaos of routine life and responsibilities is depriving people of mental peace and self-confidence. And for these reasons, there are many people who take effort to take out time for meditation and yoga to acquire mental and physical benefits.

There are many people who opt for meditation for other beneficial habits and emotional feelings such as positive mood, self-confidence, clarity in thoughts, calm mind, improved communications and relaxation of body and soul. Many wealthy and healthy people don’t think they need to meditate. The practice only adds transparency, focus, and happiness.

Below are some of the amazing facts about how Meditation has changed my life:

1.Reduction of stress

Through meditation, my level of stress has gone down. I don’t panic in tough situations rather I try to find solutions to the problems. Then I came to know that meditation and yoga help in reducing cortisol (a hormone that causes mental and physical stress).

2.Helps in Controlling Anxiety

Meditation helps in reducing anxiety disorders such as phobia, social anxiety, paranoid thoughts, and panic attacks. My anxiety in a high-pressure work environment at the job also gets reduced due to meditative practice and yoga.

3. Elongate Attention Span

Due to my dull presence of mind, I faced a lot of mind-wandering and poor concentration. But with a daily practice of yoga and aasan , I regained my attention span and I am back to a position to memorize things well and for a longer duration.

4. Reduced Blood Pressure Levels

Meditation helps in reducing high blood pressure and balance the heart rate. It helped me bring my high blood pressure to normal and I was relieved from this tension.

5. Being More Kind

When you are not in stress, positivity starts building in yourself and it happened with me as well. My positive outlook generated the emotion of kindness. I began to develop a positive feeling . Through this meditative practice, people also learn to grant forgiveness to their friends, relatives and ultimately to their enemies.

6. Improves Sleep

Meditation and yoga is the best solution if you suffer from insomnia or wants to stable your mind. The practice helps you free your head from tension thereby placing you in a peaceful state where a person will likely to fall asleep earlier.

7. Increase Pain Tolerance

Meditative habits will help to build pain tolerance in you and you will be less sensitive to pain. This has helped me a lot as I was very emotionally sensitive and easily get hurt at minor things.

8. Yoga Improved my Flexibility

Due to lack of physical activity, my body had turned quite stiff. Hitting the gym was not my cup of tea. When I went to Rishikesh on a trip, I came across some Yoga classes. Since Rishikesh is the Yoga capital of the world, I thought I might give it a shot with my friend. This decision changed my life. The Yoga classes in the midst of nature impacted me greatly both physically and mentally. I started feeling more fit, flexible and confident about myself. Post this training, my energy levels never dipped and people around me could also see the difference.

9. Enhance Self Awareness

Proper practice of meditation will make you aware of your inner self and hidden talent. People start to enjoy their own company and the feeling of loneliness gets reduced in them. Problem-solving ability also gets build up in oneself.

10. Increases Intelligence

Relaxed body and soul makes your brain absence of negativity and worries. And for this reason, you are in a situation to learn and take new things and as a result intelligence level increases.

There are many small small benefits that are difficult to put it into words for it is more based on emotions and inner feelings. So do give it a try for some days and then you can see the magical effects of meditation and yoga.