Love them or not, millennials are the people who definitely know what they’re doing, and the way they’re shaping the fashion industry today is here to prove this claim! All you have to do is to keep on reading and you’ll find out which important changes they have made recently. Check them out and enjoy!

Contrary to popular belief, millennials don’t want to be a walking advertisement

Even though the reign of Gucci in the age of Instagram is familiar to all of us, the truth is that millennials, unlike the previous generations, don’t actually want to be a walking advertisement. In fact, they refuse to carry bags and wear clothes with enormous, over-the-top designer logos on them, which is exactly why we can freely say that millennials were those who reshaped the fashion industry these days. They forced the high-street brands to adjust their designs in order to fulfill the needs and desires of the new generations, and that’s why brands like Michael Kors and Abercrombie and Fitch were the first to remove their large logos off their tops and sweatshirts. Of course, some people still consider Gucci’s interlocking G logo to be one of the most famous status symbols, but you know what? Millennials aren’t buying it any longer!

They’re known for a lack of definition, which isn’t a bad thing at all

When it comes to a typical millennial’s style, everyone can notice one essential thing – the lack of definition. Even though it can often be perceived as negative, it’s actually far from it in this case simply because this generation is all about expressing their individuality in an unconventional way. So, instead of strictly defining their personal style, they’re coming up with their own style rules by experimenting with different trends and merging them without any boundaries. This basically means that you can see a person wearing an elegant sheer dress one day, and the next day you can see the exact same person wearing an oversized hoodie and yoga pants. On the other hand, there are times when different styles are mixed into a single outfit, for example, when athletic attire is combined with a pair of patent leather flats, a matching tote, and a pair of classy Ray Ban glasses. As you can see, millennials are all about matching modern and classic, which inevitably affects the fashion industry in a lot of amazing ways!

Millennials are all about sustainability and durability

On the other hand, millennials have transformed the concept of luxury, too, and we can freely say that it’s no longer about being loyal to haute couture brands and various designer houses. In fact, it’s more about sustainability and durability instead of spending a fortune on clothes and focusing on designer logos as status symbols. Earth-friendly fashion brands are therefore on the rise these days, and when we say earth-friendly, we mean cruelty-free and environmentally-oriented in the first place. Millennials are also advocates of ethical fashion that covers a range of issues such as exploitation, fair trade, working conditions, sustainable production, animal welfare, and many more. Besides that, millennials choose durability over seasonality, which means that swapping their entire wardrobe every season just for the sake of keeping up with the latest trends is a huge no-no. These people prefer to invest their money into long-lasting pieces instead of continuously shopping for seasonal, low-quality clothes, which is a big step forwards if you ask us!

Making a statement is undoubtedly their thing

If millennials are known for something, it’s certainly making a statement, and you know what? They have taken it to a whole new level and given it an entirely different meaning, with a deeper layer of purpose. This basically means that the term ‘statement piece’ is no longer about the material objects, as millennials are looking for fashion that focuses on experience, not on material things. They think of fashion as of a part of their identity that represents important values and reflects their character, which is why numerous designers have decided to follow their vision. For example, a large number of brands including Armani, Gucci, and Calvin Klein have gone to the fur-free side, which is a crucial shift that definitely brings a lot of good things to the industry.

No matter what you may think of them, the fact is that millennials are reshaping the fashion industry in more ways than we can possibly imagine. These people have stepped outside their comfort zone and did something great for everyone, both in the fashion industry and out of it, which is why we need to respect them without exceptions. They’re making huge changes that mustn’t be overlooked, and the world should be grateful for that!


  • Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for She loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on the lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips.