I’ve been a self-proclaimed entrepreneur for five long years. Pining to help others with their marketing, create sales funnels, coach through their overwhelm, and finally create a business that lit them up using their unique Power of Brillianceā„¢. The problem was that I was stuck at first with who I was serving, buying into everyone’s program to teach every aspect I felt I didn’t have in order to build a business – so I could live a life of focus and flow. Thousands “invested” just to come up with repeats of knowledge I had already gained from my University degrees and a slow drip of clients who wanted my work for free. It was all too much. After years of putting my heart, body, mind, and soul into my business – I have found the most important thing to building an empire was to do so with un-waivering intention.

Having a good day on purpose was something I always wished others in every face to face and phone encounter, but I wasn’t really living it. Burnout didn’t look attractive from any angle as it only slowed down my creative process and ability to serve others as my best self. I had to get back to who I was, who I loved to work with, and most
importantly – I had to become present in the process of building my

Here are the Top Five Ways I Integrated Mindfulness into my Marketing:

1. Get Crystal Clear

Get so clear about your mission and vision for your business – you could recite it’s principles in your sleep. Take a stand for what your business believes, what you can offer, and how you improve the lives of others.

2. Create a Plan for Success

Being realistic with how many working hours you have in the day is vital to avoid burnout. Time blocking your marketing activities is key here to getting your tasks done and learning how much time it will take you to achieve those goals. By being mindful of where we are spending our time – we won’t feel like our efforts are exhausting, as we will know our next step and we will follow through.

3. Self-Care Makes You Sizzle

Being mindful of when we start to feel triggered towards breakdown land is an important piece of self-awareness. Take the time to take breaks, eat delicious food, go for a walk and get out from behind your rose gold Macbook, meditate for 15 minutes, and get a massage once in a while. When we take care of ourselves – we are re-energized to put our creative efforts into our marketing so that we show up positive, vibrant, and resilient in our message.

4. Look At Your Marketing From An Outside View

Often times we don’t see what we don’t see. It’s important to look at our messaging from the view of one of our ideal clients. Are you hanging out on every single platform? Only promoting 10% of the time in your group online? Randomly offering a training LIVE or whenever you feel like it? Those are all signs that you’re not being present in the process of building your empire and it’s time to narrow your social media focus and show up consistently. Your audience will not buy anything you have to sell if you’re not consistent.

5. Slow Down & Serve

When things start to feel too heavy in your marketing activities that is a sign to slow down and serve. That means showing up for your tribe and offering value – without the need to gain money for your knowledge. People do business with those they know, like, and trust and it can be a pretty noisy world if they are being sold to constantly. Loyalty and intention can certainly pay off as you will be “top of mind” when they are looking to fulfill their need with what you can help them with.

Remember, integrating mindfulness into our marketing can aid in serving our client’s in a way that leaves a lasting impact for everyone involved. The next time you start to feel the pull to do “all the things” on your own – remember burnout is not an award you want to proudly hang on your digital wall as an accomplishment. Be mindful of your message, marketing, and activities and you will become present in the process of building your empire.