The pandemic touched each of us and radically changed our lifestyle. We adjusted to a new routine, living in a bubble with other family members, online school, and work. Naturally, we start feeling anxious about returning to the life we had before the quarantine. And that’s okay. Returning to your usual rhythm of life should not feel stressful. Here are my useful tips on how to do it with joy.

Follow your pre-pandemic routine

Stick to the usual routine

A few days before going to work, start gradually enter the rhythm of life that you had before the quarantine. Go to bed and get up at your usual working hours and eat during the designated time. With such an approach, the internal processes in your body will begin to improve. This will reduce the risk of developing stress when you get back to the office.

Make a to-do list for the day

Writing down everything you need to do in a day is very convenient. Thus you’ll get a prompt plan with prioritized tasks and you’ll also learn how to manage time correctly. Also, do not scold yourself for not finishing the whole list at the very first effort. Better analyze what was done wrong and what should be changed to improve the effectiveness. 

Don’t rush

A surge in duties and demands can negatively affect your mindset. No need to add 20 new tasks every day right after work from home mode. Take it easy and work your way up gradually.

Don’t rush and stress. Relax and take a deep breath.

Concentrate on the good things

Try to pay attention to the moments and things that make you smile and feel positive. You can even write these precious moments of your day in your journal. After reviewing this list in the evening, you will be surprised how many pleasant things happen to you in a day. 

Don’t abandon your positive habits that you’ve built during quarantine.

Have you started exercising in the morning? Are you learning a foreign language or mastering meditation? Excellent! Be sure to keep doing this when you are back to work. Upload simple apps to your phone to use reminders and advise you on meditations and yoga practices that are right for you.

Stay active

Now you can go to the gym, return to yoga classes or just take a walk in the park. Try  to keep a good balance between doing no fitness at all and overtraining. Focus on your feelings and do everything with consciousness.

Stay safe

Continue following public safety measures, wear a mask if you need and wash your hands. Follow basic hygiene rules. It will keep you and others safe.