Everyone wants to make money, and that is why you’ll find a lot of books, articles, podcasts, and videos discussing money making tips. The terms ‘jobs’ and the ‘how to get rich fast’ have a lot of searches on Google, but people barely talk about how money works. Money is part of a bigger system that surpasses a monthly salary or a paycheque. After 16 years of sharpening his skills as a financial advisor, Chris Naugle can confidently say that- understanding money dynamics does not have to be a shot in the dark.

Chris has managed over $30 million in assets and has done hundreds of house flips which have equipped him with necessary ‘money managing skills. He is the co-founder and CEO of FlipOut Academy, a business that teaches people how money works in real estate. Chris Naugle’s profile may be captivating enough, but his thoughts on how people should treat their money will surely get you on the edge of your seat. He holds that money has the capacity to ‘work’ even harder than humans. Below is his interesting take on how people should handle their money to make it work.

Don’t Keep Lazy Money

Chris Naugle’s personification of money may seem humorous, but it forms the backbone of understanding and managing money successfully. While many people believe in saving thousands or even millions of their hard earned money in a bank account, this approach is a total waste of time. “Your money sits on your couch, watching your TV, eating your Lays potato chips while you go to work every day to make a living. “You are either going to work for your money or learn how to make your money work for you” says Chris. This is his way of captioning how the potential of money ends up being wasted when it lies in a bank doing nothing. He further advises that money must be in motion. This simply means that whatever you earn should be used to make more money. Therefore, rather than saving up while you wait for emergencies or as you enjoy your savings over time, find creative ways to re-invest and make your money productive.

Make your money work in real estate

As a Former financial advisor, there is a solid reason why Chris Naugle leans towards real estate. He is an expert in flipping houses, a practice that has earned him millions. One of the benefits of investing in real estate is that a house or a piece of land has never been valueless regardless of the economic situation. “Real estate values can never go to zero but, your stocks and mutual funds sure can,” he says. Every coin you invest in real estate generates another coin or two, while you focus on your other ventures. Flipping houses works perfectly for Naugle, but there are other countless investment options in this industry. You can rent out your home, buy a piece of land and resell it later or construct a commercial space. Remember, it’s all about keeping your money in motion.

Calculate the risk

Chris advocates for risk-taking at all costs. Which is why his show on HGTV was named ‘Risky Builders’. However, risks can turn out to be fatal, if not calculated. Some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs can confirm the risky nature of investing. Donald Trump, for instance, has filed for bankruptcy four times. When you set out to take a risk, you need to understand the risks involved and how to mitigate them. For instance, flipping a house can lead to a huge loss if no one buys the house or if the cost of renovating exceeds the profit. This is why Chris calls for caution when investing. Working with a financial advisor is highly recommended. If not, you should strive to acquire knowledge from experts. Look out for webinars, podcasts or other content created by people like Chris to get a rough idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

Aspire to make money while you sleep

This has to be everyone’s ultimate goal, but very few people get to this level. These are the kind of people who work smart. Naugle likens such people to a bank. He says that, for you to make money while you sleep,

you need to treat yourself like a bank. It’s simple, when you put your money in a bank account, other people borrow it. These people pay the bank back with interest and when you come to collect your savings, the bank has made something out of it. Treating yourself like a bank means finding ways to create passive income while attracting income from different sources. Don’t just rely on your 9 to 5 job for money. Analyze your skills, assets and different markets. Naugle, for instance, makes money from real estate, consultancy, educative content (TV show, EBook, podcasts, webinars, and articles), his Academy and his app. All these investments are related to his skills and practice. Similarly, find ways to diversify your trade and keep your money flowing in and out.


Money is a powerful asset which has the capacity to change your life. How you treat it, however, determines how it will treat you. If you misuse it, it becomes elusive. However. if you invest wisely and keep it in motion, the rewards are great. All you need to do is establish how it streams in and out of your bank accounts, and find ways to regenerate what you already have.