Source: Alessio Cesario via Pexels

I’ve never been a big social media head. I joined Facebook for the FIRST time in 2010. I quit three years later. I have an inactive Instagram profile. I’m wary of social media because I’ve seen how dark, depressing, fake and time-consuming it can be. I’ve also observed that nowadays most of us would much rather scroll through (and judge) an Instagram page of carefully doctored pictures to know the latest news in someone’s life rather than build an authentic relationship with said person. I don’t say this to be holier-than-thou or judgmental. It has just been a difficult thing for me to embrace

So, that’s why sharing something online as intimate and personal as my motherhood journey is a HUGE step for me. But, now that I have joined the most exclusive, powerful and special club in the world (MOTHERHOOD!!), I know, more than ever, how useful (and necessary) information sharing is.

And, ever since my beautiful daughter was born nine months ago, I have felt an overwhelming desire to contribute, inspire, build, share and lift up my new-found community. Because, let’s be honest, becoming a parent (a mother especially), from trying to have a baby to childbirth to raising a child, is NO JOKE!

There is no manual/booklet/directory/guide book/cheat sheet that teaches you how to become a good parent. There is no amount of birth classes or online videos that can prepare you for the life changing journey you embark on the day you decide you want to bring a child into this world. It’s an all-consuming, rewarding, amazing, scary, challenging, difficult, exciting and overwhelming adventure.

During my pregnancy and, certainly more so after giving birth, I struggled to find voices like mine. Heck, I even struggled to find myself or my child represented in advertising for pregnancy and baby products! Even with a good OBGYN, if it wasn’t for my supportive community of mom friends (especially) and non-mom friends alike, I’m not sure I would have known that it was perfectly fine (and normal) to feel some of the things I felt during pregnancy and afterwards. (I’m not talking about post-partum depression, although more on that in another story). I also learned a lot along the way that I wish someone would have shared (like what to REALLY pack in my hospital bag).

Raising a little human is an extremely important role. And it’s imperative that moms-to-be & mom’s alike know that they are not alone in their thoughts, feelings or experiences.

Because while mothers are the backbone of communities, villages and most families, someone needs to have their back too.

For that cause, I’m willing to be more open, unashamed and vulnerable.