At times, we are all victims of undermining our achievements and believing what we do is easy – because we’ve either mastered it or we don’t value the significance of what we do.

You might think that your job is minor or insignificant however it all adds to the bigger picture so always be proud of your work – especially work well done! Think about a small ant carrying its piece of food it’s found over to its colony. You may think this is so insignificant however without all the little ants carrying the food over to the colony they wouldn’t have any food to share with each other.

Whatever you do – do it well and be proud of your work.

Celebrate your achievements and successes!

You might be someone who constantly has goals, meets them, and immediately moves on to the next thing without taking even a moment to acknowledge your success.

For example, for a long time you’ve been working towards a goal and finally it comes to fruition. You may think it’s no big deal at all because you’re looking at what’s next and what’s the bigger, better step you should take. Whilst this is fine to look at what’s ahead, make sure you take the time to congratulate yourself on the achievement first. Acknowledge it! Smile at yourself, do something nice for yourself or book that restaurant you love for dinner and celebrate!

Be proud of your good work, celebrate your successes and achievements and don’t undermine or undersell yourself.