How much time should you be spending on marketing each week? This is a question that we see all too commonly.

Let’s say you spend 20 hours on marketing per week, then you are in the average segment of businesses. Other small businesses spend around 20 hours on marketing every week, which often excludes weekends. For many businesses, this high level of marketing has generated a considerable amount of extra revenue for the company.

The problem with marketing for small businesses comes from the vast amount of marketing channels that are open to businesses. In the last decade, the amount of ways that a company can market itself has tripled. From social media platforms, PPC and influencer marketing have all taken off in thee past few years. Not to mention all of the offline marketing choices. Marketing can be overwhelming for most small businesses and can consume the owner’s time.

Develop A Marketing Plan

If you are a small/local business owner and find that you are strapped for time because of your marketing schedule then you may need to change it. Lack of time is not the problem with marketing, the real issue comes from lack of direction. Use these tips to plan your marketing schedule, these tips will ensure that you’re maximizing your marketing regime whilst being efficient with time.

  • Focus on two or three forms of online marketing to reach your audience.
  • Understand your target audience and how uniqueness your product has.
  • Arrange promotional events and campaigns over the month.

Forms Of Digital Marketing

It is difficult to plan a marketing strategy for the month without the first knowing how much money you have to spend. Marketing increases revenues, to see marketing as an asset and not an expense. These are the forms on digital marketing that are most commonly used.


  • Audio and digital advertising go hand in hand. The term audio means any form of media that you consume via sound. This can be radio adverts and podcast sponsorships. If you are a small business, then audio advertising may not be the most efficient form of advertising for you. Pay Per Click advertising is another form of advertising that is popular for many businesses. Pay Per Click advertising is when a business pays for banner ads to appear on other websites or search engines. The payment model PPC means that you pay for each click that the banner receives. The Pay Per Click advertising model ensures that you only pay for people who actually engage with your website. However, many niches have high PPC rates, this may make your campaign unprofitable. Depending on your business size, your budget for digital marketing will differ. If you have a large company, then the average market spend for a company generating $1m annually is $10,000 per month.


  • Sponsorship is another great way for you to get your business known. For local businesses, sponsoring a local sports team is a great way to generate interest in your business. For large companies, events, sports teams and tv-shows are all great to sponsor as it can generate interest for your business amongst people who are interested in your niche.

SEM Campaign

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are arguably the most cost effective forms of marketing as they generate traffic and revenue long after you have paid for your campaign. SEM is when a business increases their search engine rankings in order to generate for traffic, sales and interest in their business. It is difficult for a business to carry out this form of marketing in-house as it requires a large team of people if it is to be done effectively. If you are looking to have your small, local, medium or even large company marketed online, then you may be best off contacting a marketing agency. Rank Marketing is the premiere digital marketing agency in London and works with business of all sizes. Their ROI is higher than that of any other marketing agency in Europe and their prices are flexible