Music is widely acknowledged, not just by the average person but by medical professionals, as having qualities that can aid in healing. Whether emotionally, motivationally, or even physically, music has a marked effect on one’s entire well-being.

The emotional benefits of listening to music are known to virtually everyone. Soft, slow tempo music can relax a person, while up-tempo, energetic music can pick up a person’s moods. This is related to what music does to the human body. Quick tempo music can increase the heart rate. This sends more blood and oxygen to one’s brain. So, fast music can improve mood, thinking ability, and concentration. On the other hand, slower music decreases heart rate, helping to relieve stress and anxiety.

Now science confirms these benefits. Not only that, but this knowledge can be used to improve a number of different functions inside the human body. Thinking, memory, math skills, and language skills can be increased when the right type of music is being played. Dentists and surgeons are using calming music to help relieve anxiety in a patient. Also, therapists recommend calming music at home, one hour before bedtime, to help a patient sleep better. When driving, it is recommended to listen to some favorite music in order to avoid road rage. There’s no need to go to a doctor’s office to experience these musical benefits.

Are these benefits healing, though? Certainly, it is so for emotional health. And the benefits that come with increased functionality qualify as healing for one’s psychological health. And improving physical health can be included in the list of healing benefits of music. Doctors claim that music played during a procedure distracts one’s mind and help create a positive experience, but it can also improve the outcome for the patient. Sleep is essential for the body to heal itself, and the benefits of music on sleep increase the restorative property of sleep. Increased blood flow to all parts of the body improves health and makes upbeat music that creates such a response. Music is now being utilized for all forms of healing.

Music has proven to be an effective and easily accessible aid to one’s health and well-being.