I am a true lover of good music! And I am quite sure that the beginning of this love came even in childhood, through the songs that my parents listened and sang to me and my sisters.

Today I have the opportunity to instil that same love in my children. It is so nice to hear my little girl singing songs that I sang when I was a child. Songs that I heard from my parents, that they heard from their parents and who knows how many generations before these melodies have been repeated.

Music has a powerful effect on people’s minds and, in particular, on the sensitive spirit of children. It has the power to cheer, calm, uplift, and make us feel closer to Heavenly Father. On the other hand, it can also instil aggressive, immoral and degrading feelings.

Image by Ri Butov from Pixabay

Jesus Christ also understood the power of music. Mark, in chapter 14, verse 26 of the Holy Bible, tells that, before retiring to pray on the Mount of Olives, the Savior and his disciples sang together.

Later in the account, we read about the intense suffering He went through on the Mount of Olives, followed by His imprisonment, culminating in His death on the cross.

It is touching to know that in his last moments with his friends, music helped him to prepare for what was about to happen. Having the best subwoofer for home is crucial because you’ll be missing out on some of the sounds.

How, then, can we use music to bring harmony to our home?

See the following tips:

1. Select the type of music that will enter your home

Do not listen to music that contains vulgar, derogatory lyrics, or that encourages violence or immorality in any way. This type of music will weaken your sensibility.

2. Fine-tune your feelings

In addition to the concern with the lyrics, it is important to take special care with the rhythm and melody. Pay attention to the feelings you have when listening to a song. If it brings you good feelings, it’s probably a good song. However, if it brings you negative feelings, it should be avoided.

3. Listen to good music often

It is very pleasant, especially for children, when the melody and lyrics of a song become familiar.

4. Use music to teach

Select cheerful songs with instructive lyrics and see how your young children will learn in an instant something that you would spend days trying to teach. I have a 3 year old daughter who hated soup. Just listen to the song Sopa, by the group Palavra Cantada, and that’s it. Now she loves soup!

5. Have fun with music

There are several ways to use music to play. Games like “Dança da Chair” and “Estatua” will make the little ones happy. With the older ones, we can make a contest to guess what is the song, composer, etc. Or get multiple songs from a specific instrument, country or historical period.

Remember that the lessons learned in childhood are the ones that remain most strongly etched in a person’s heart.

Always have good music in your home and your children will surely learn to appreciate and love it.