Hi Justine, thanks for agreeing to this interview with us! We are really digging your new single ‘Morning Light’; tell us about the song what did you write it about?

Thanks for having me! Morning Light is a tune I wrote about not knowing all the answers and sort of coming clean with yourself. It is nostalgic in a sense that at the time I wished I could refine the faith and confidence you have as a child. It is also poses the question, “if I stop looking, will the answer reveal itself to me?”

Aside from ‘Morning Light’ what other release plans do you have for 2020?

I am really excited to have a full EP coming out this year through Gatcombe Music. Now that i have actually finished that body of work, I am focussing heavily on writing and production.

Did you collaborate a lot with any other artists/producers?

The EP is a collection of works I wrote in co-write sessions. I was fortunate enough to work with Nick De Lay Hoyde and Fasika and as a result I have duets with both of them on the EP. My second single is a collab with US producer POStA and is possibly.my favourite track from the upcoming EP!

We hear that you are an APRA ambassador, which is quite an honour, tell more about this and what it entails?

It was such a surprise to be asked to be an APRA-AMCOS ambassador.

It is an honour as this organisation does so much for our music industry. For me, I have been advocating for disability awareness through my vlog The Pickle Sandwich and to my own

community for quite a while. Taking on this role means i am able to extend my advocacy to a larger network and educate where I believe there are gaps. For me, the spectrum of disability is important to focus on, as there are so many invisible barriers faced

by those living and working with a disability.

What is about making music that drives you?

I think it is the constantly moving finish line. There is no formula, no security and no promises in this music industry and perhaps this is what makes me persevere. The challenges it has and the focus is requires, does fuel my creativity and desire to produce work I believe in and want to share. Apart from that, I genuinely feel compelled to write music and have since I was 14 years old. It is just part of who I am.

We are living in some crazy times; how are you coping? How has COVID 19 affected your routine, both positive and negative?

I am using this lockdown to focus on the writing and production process, but to also do things like; walks in the blue mountains, cooking, journalling and spending time with family. It has completely flipped my routine and lifestyle upside down, but I am actually enjoying it. It felt like coming down from a high initially and now I am using the space and time to grow rather than be stifled.

During lockdown have you been streaming live performances to you fans across social media?

I have done streams here and there but nothing official. Maybe I should plan one?

Finally, if you could do a duet with anybody, who would it be?

John Legend!

Listen to Morning Light here – https://open.spotify.com/track/1pPCDMncZaREtzbCJobJ0V?si=WIpAMaCPQZagq-aXCDWzBQ


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