An insight for a new manager figure out and bring the best of his/her team.

Changes always scare people off, whether they were afraid how the new people would probably totally change the working methods or simply subjectively not really consider them as a well-performed team member.

This happened a month ago in my team, My fellow direct report is leaving us for greater opportunity, and this cause the C’s level in charge of our division is merged us with another division that also works very closely with us daily.

It doesn’t sound right, I told you. All agreed but brought their opinions due to the merger, there are completely different roles that won’t match the other division. Or maybe we know that there is additional work waiting ahead. But no mather We agreed or not, changes is changes.

I’m actually fond of happy to welcome my new manager, because working in a startup with a lot of uncertainty really requires you to keep innovated and able to work swiftly. And so I believe he has a specific quality that probably considered a big reason why he is the new man.

Here are what he’s done once he is in the house:

Discuss with My Fellow Lead About Where We Are
Making a clear path of what we were doing back then is clearly an essential thing. He is trying to figure out what has been different and what probably something an outsider didn’t know about how our team works along.

Having Deep Talks with All The Team Members
Not only filtered top position thoughts, but he also meets each of the team members and discusses with us. This session not only covered how we think of the working phase or project, but he tries to project what are our aspirations within the role we run. Projection not only helps him to gather as much as possible insight from us but also figure out how is our personal characteristics. Appreciating starts from the very much basic level, in which he gives us a chance to really speak up and evaluate the team role and work due to our own perspectives.

Rearranging The WorkFlow

“Nothing worth having comes easy.” 

I support that Phares as much as I witness how we’re developing our team. We’re still that ordinary startup worker whose up for the slow but sure term in working, but we’re fundamentally changing our workflow more efficiently and driven by data. He’s been so open in how the other division actually questioning our strategic position, and what he actually has thrown to the table is a challenge. How we should together break that stigma, this definitely boosts the best of each team member.

Enhance Interdivisional Contribution and Participation
Along with the third point, he’s reassured that we become more performing team within interdivisional collaborations. This really helps us to actually maintaining our passion towards our primary roles.

The points above are how my manager making us a much perform division. Starting from rigorously learning his new ecosystem into a critical success for a revolutionizing division. As the member of that division my self, I really suggest for a brand new manager to follow this lead. And for the team members, try to look at the bright side within the change. It’s a chance to start over and reinvent how you work while working at your phase.


  • Gita Suliawan

    Community Activator and Marketing Enthusiast

    Gita Suliawan is a marketing public relations practitioner and assistant lecturer at Universitas Indonesia. She demonstrated a history of working as a marketer and media relations. Suliawan's focus on human development also makes her involves to contribute to numerous specific projects which aiming youth and student since she was a high school student. Her previous projects are such as Indonesia Youth Forum, Indonesia Student Forum and ASEAN+ Children Festival, those are under her contribution to Indonesia Student and Youth Forum, ASEAN Youth Leader Association (AYLA), and others.