Hi, my name is Raya Arya, a sister to the happiest girl in the world, and daughter to parents who work hard to inspire me every day and the sister to 6 dogs whom we rescued.

A few years ago, when I turned 13, dad, my sister, and I sat on this journey to connect with people we all admired and ambitiously emailed, and approached them at busy events. We should have known this would never work.

I love making videos to tell stories, and so my sister, dad and I started creating short micro videos which were personalised and spoke about them first and about us later.

These short video messages with stories, started connecting hearts, and we started getting more ‘YES I am ready to meet’, and from here we started our journey to connect with the best Entrepreneurs, interviewed them and finally launched our book called the Internet Moguls of the World.

As a published author with over 8000 dollars in book sales, 7 book stores, and my own school library holding my book, it feels good.

And finally, when Arianna Huffington herself replied to my email and gave me the opportunity to become a writer on her platform (Thrive Global), I got a chance to reach you all, tell you and your parents and your loss that together everything is possible.

We call this the family First Entrepreneurship and the Micro Video System to create personalized videos for outreach in business.

I am the president of my business club at school, and tomorow I’ll be starting my own ventures and in all aspects of life I will leverage micro videos and personalised story, telling to connect with people.

I hope my article inspired you to dream big and connect with your favourite super humans across the World.

Thank you
Raya Arya