For many, lives have been turned upside down as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the world. The scale is something that could not have been foreseen when cases first originated in China, but since we have all played our parts in becoming vigilant ourselves as well as protecting our loved ones.

Looking at the positives, in every walk of life people have found a new found appreciation for time and the world around us. Spending longer than we ever have before at home has given many the chance to reflect on their own lifestyles and what is really important.

In this article, we explore the top green lockdown trends that have had us all talking, sharing our pictures, celebrating our success and of course reflecting on our odd failures along the way!

The open air

Lockdown has been a restricting time for many but has also led to a greater appreciation for their local area. Being asked to stay at home has spurred people on to make the most of walks and bike rides to explore their surroundings. Coming out of lockdown has enabled people take their new found interests into their ‘new normal’ and appreciate the beautiful settings they have around them. So the next time you want to spend a day out, you don’t have to travel miles in a mode of transport causing pollution, look closer to locations you can reach by foot or bike. 

Inviting nature back

Since lockdown began, and less people have been travelling for work and social purposes many have found the desire to embark on some DIY projects almost impossible to ignore. A particular area of interest in the home has been the garden, and with the world at a standstill, nature has begun to claim back its beauty. When creating a tranquil and calming garden to relax in why not also encourage nature to flourish, with plants such as lavender that will not only add colour and scent but also provide a haven for bees. The addition of bird feeders and water fountains will also attract birds to your garden, which might even become a new interest once you begin to take notice of your new visitors. 

Community spirit

The pandemic might still seem surreal but for many it has now become a way of life. By venturing to a shop, or even on a walk, social distancing measures are the norm, but communities are really coming together too. People are thinking of others as well as the effect on their community as a whole and by uniting, they are creating a more positive environment for people to live in. Many groups have come together to restore and protect communal spaces such as parks, open fields and woods, with the aim of keeping them safe, clean and clear from littering, so that everyone can enjoy them. 

Support local

As consumers we are now all thinking more about shopping locally in the support of small, indie businesses. Looking to the future, this will have a positive long term effect and will help support the environment by reducing food miles and packaging associated with shopping in larger supermarkets. Home cooking and purchasing of fresh ingredients is seeing people learning how to stop bulk buying and therefore creating less waste. We have also become more aware of the vulnerable, whether you might be volunteering or simply reaching out to a neighbour or family members to offer help. This might mean one less car on the road, but if this is happening across the country, it will have a significant impact on pollution. Communities are also coming together by forming awareness pages, sharing local businesses and the importance of supporting local businesses wherever possible. For example, here at Countrystyle, we are actively supporting fellow businesses through the ‘Produced in Kent’ initiative. There are likely to be similar programmes running in your area too which can easily be found by searching online. 

At a time of crisis it is important to remain positive and look at what we can gain as the result of  our new lifestyles. By building relationships, living by our means and appreciating the natural beauty we have around us, we can build a new way of life that we can all be proud of.