The most terrible thing about stress is how easily it creeps upon us. We get used to it without realizing that it is depleting our potential and health day by day. According to a recent study, stress is the number one health issue for high school students, and around eighty percent of people at work feel stressed. Individuals under constant stress have a fifty percent higher mortality rate.

Isn’t it horrifying? An emotion that we often neglect due to the lack of time is slowly and heavily taking a toll on our lives. We can’t eliminate stress, and that’s an accepted fact because one way or another, it becomes part of our life, but one thing we can do is to reduce it or cope up with it.

The greatest weapon against stress is our capability to prefer one thought over another. If we keep thinking about pressures in our lives, our mind will work as a pressure cooker, but if we keep it as simple as water by keeping our mind free from stressors, we can sail our journey calmly through rough waters. It’s only up to us to decide.

Inhale Anti-Stressors

Adopt a mantra in your life “Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams.” Life is just simply adding water, and you are good to go. Set your peace as the first and foremost priority and organize your life around it. Practice anti-stressors, make them part of your life, whether it’s yoga, a sport, music, or travel, make it a prominent routine in your lifestyle.

Take time for them, and you will learn the methods of calmness eventually. One stress reliever that is the most preferred throughout the world and suggested by experts in water is paddle boarding. The calm of the water is known to take all the tensions away and give us a different perspective of life.

You must have experienced that when you are near the water, your body and mind relax positively. When stress is the problem, water is the solution. Take yourself away from the bustling of life and experience the serenity of natural surroundings.

Paddle Boarding: A Therapy

There are ample ways to practice around water. One activity that has been the most favored is Paddle Boarding, the perfect blend of fitness and peace. It acts as a painkiller for all the invisible pain. They are known to keep you happy while lifting your mood and increasing pleasure.

The best part of being on the paddleboards is to be surrounded by no one except the alluring aura of mother earth. The sense of accomplishment that we feel after an extraordinary journey is an add-on for the next level of happiness in life. 

When we practice paddle boarding, we connect with our inner selves and adopt the pace of water. We learn how to flow with it and balance our creative strength. It challenges our abilities and pushes us to imagine beyond the personal bothers and tension of our lives.

The Versatility of SUP

It is the most accessible, healthier, immediate path to remove our minds from piled-up stressors with one stroke at a time. After a beautiful journey around water, you come out as a changed individual filled with the sheer size and power of nature. 

A paddleboard may seem like just an inflatable board that helps you sail calm or rough waters of the sea. However, it has immense benefits associated with it. It is way more than just a water sport; it’s a way of life. Its versatility goes beyond our imagination. One can use it in ample ways.

  • Convert your board into a yoga mat on water. There are days when you want to challenge yourself and practice yoga sessions away from your surroundings. The paddleboard is your rescuer for those days. You can practice various yogic positions on it. SUP Yoga not only will enhance your strength but also grant you peacefulness for a better way of life.
  • For an explorer, it could act as a ride to explore new and deeper points on earth. You can plan a full day on it or a complete journey while paddling your way through rough water. Who doesn’t know about Antonio De La Rosa, the person who made his way through the dangerous waters of the Pacific in 76 days? Isn’t it challenging and adventurous at the same time? When you come back, you step outside the water as an accomplisher while your worries sink in the depth of water.
  • It could be a perfect way to spend time with your pet. Animals are the best medicines known to cure you. They may not be our whole life, but they make our lives whole. A paddle boarding trip with your furry friend can act as a motivator for the rest of your life. Take your anti-stressors with you while you distract away from your tensions with each stroke in the water.
  • SUPs are the all-rounders. Skilled individuals can enhance their skills over the boards while practicing windsurfing, kitesurfing in trying waters. It can act as a game-changer for your set of skills. The sports offer an option when the wind changes its course in your favor. Windsurfing is comparatively an easy sport to learn, and while you try your hands on both of them, you get a transferable skill of balance and movement, which act as an add-on in your techniques. 

SUP: A Way of Life

Our lifestyle has given us a truckload of stressors, and an absorber is required to eliminate stress from our lives. Vitamin D is known to act as a rejuvenator and booster for an individual. Not to mention the fact that a paddle boarding session can give us plenty of direct sunlight.

It is an exercise known to teach us full-body balancing techniques while working out in nature helps to relieve endorphins from the body, which are mood boosters or, on the other hand, stress busters. Success gives us harmony and peace. A successful venture on the water helps us to feel accomplished and an achiever. It results in a real sense of satisfaction and equips us with the right amount of confidence.

Focusing on the energies of our body and getting aware of our surroundings makes us more relaxed and lets us concentrate in the right direction precisely. With each stroke, we shift negative energies backward and move towards the positive ones. We have people in our lives with whom we are at our best. The community of those motivators can be a part of our expedition in water.

The versatility of SUP is not limited only to one set of age groups. It can be accessed by anyone, from a kid to a senior citizen. You can also earn an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones while practicing the sport or indulge in a fun-filled competition with your peers, and slowly you will feel a happier and merrier mindset. Similar to its versatility for every age, paddle boarding can be transformed into various amazing and fun activities, from SUP fishing to SUP kayaking, you can do it all on your paddle board.


Your happiness is in your hands. No one can be the reason for your mental peace unless you allow them to do so. So, while anyone else dominates your life, you can take it into your hands and make yourself the owner of your life. Your mental health is equally important as your physical health, and a negative emotion like stress can unimaginably ruin your mental well-being.

So, instead of risking the chances of developing any health issues, positively transform your way of life and paddle the currents of trying waters. To succeed in the avenues of life, one has to have mental clarity. If your mind is bind by pressure, you can’t gain anything. Instead, we end up losing everything.

If you find yourself stuck between a dilemma of experiencing fresh air, a soothing environment, and a change of place simultaneously, paddleboarding is the best activity for you. The meditative aura of nature comes as a reward.

Hop onto the board, refresh your skills and choose from multiple destinations to challenge your abilities. Life is short, and you can’t waste it concentrating on worthless things. Work on making yourself a better person with positive vibes. It has been said, “Your tribe affects your vibe, and stress can’t be a part of your tribe.” Catch a wave, and you will be sitting on top of the world.