For Paulina Zelman, her form of expression and being able to document experiences closest to her has always been through music. While it took her some time and courage to release her debut album publicly, she’s been able to share her private thoughts with the world as a result. 

Her debut album, “One and Only” gives a raw, unfiltered glimpse into her thoughts and feelings and has been received extremely well as a result. 

With her willingness to share personal matters with the world through her music, Paulina is also not afraid to share all of her shortcomings alongside her successes. Being transparent with her journey has allowed her to make deep personal connections, ones that would never have been possible without a deep level of honesty. Along those same lines, Paulina is also proud of being able to overcome her fears and insecurities to the point where any negativity she hears regarding her music has little to no effect on her. 

Paulina’s music is centered around love, friendship, heartbreak, mental health, confidence, and happiness. Every single song goes deep into a personal experience she’s had, ahd the goal of creating the album was to be vulnerable and not hold anything back when detailing her stories. 

As a child, Paulina used to be incredibly self conscious and shy and she never thought she’d put herself in the spotlight where she would be sharing all of her experiences out in the open. But rather than shy away from discomfort and give up on her dreams, Paulina has faced her insecurities and has grown stronger and is able to do what she loves as a result.

She has certainly come a long way from performing in her middle school band, and has learned an incredible amount along the way. To anyone just starting out with their musical careers, Paulina has 2 incredibly valuable pieces of advice. First, overcome the fear of releasing your music to the public and just follow through with it. While you may lack the confidence at the time, you will look back and thank yourself for taking action. Second, believe in yourself no matter who doubts you, no matter how many times you fail and always recognize your worth. 

Paulina has had her fair share of doubters and naysayers, but at the end of the day she is incredibly proud of her music and knows that no amount of criticism or hate will ever be able to hold her back from chasing her dreams.