Every accomplishment you have experienced in life so far can be attributed to perseverance. Perseverance is the act of continuing to pursue something in spite of facing setbacks or failures. Eventually, perseverance will lead to achievements, which are a direct result of hard work and the desire to continue to push until you have reached it. While it is not a skill that can be learned in a class at a university, it is certainly one that requires practice and a handful of other traits to work with it to obtain your goals.

When you refuse to accept the failure and the setbacks that most goal paths are littered with, only then will you succeed. Perseverance does not always mean that you get to the goal that you set forth for in the first place. More often than not, goals change along the way, and feedback is provided to help improve your path. This can be a frustrating experience when all you want is to get to the finish line, but perseverance and steadfastness in your pursuit will lead to success. Emotional intelligence is important in knowing when to change your track for your benefit. This does not mean giving up on the objective, rather than altering the journey.  

Everyone faces grit and passion on a different level. Some people are naturally persistent with their goals and make incredible athletes or innovators. However, for others, grit is a trait that is learned and improved every day. Psychologist and author Angela Duckworth identify 4 assets to developing your grit and perseverance. The first asset is developing an interest in your goal. This will fuel your motivation to continue to practice it, which is the second asset. 

The third asset is to come up with a purpose to back up the reason as to why you are working so hard to achieve this goal. Finally, the final asset that Duckworth details is the importance of evolving your grit. You have to have hope that you will reach your finish line. The true test of perseverance is your willingness to continue to push for what you are passionate about.

A certain level of self-confidence is attained when you chose to strengthen your diligence. Accomplishing success through persistence is a healthy reminder that you are in control of your goals and responsible for achieving them. No one else can be held accountable for your success other than you, and with grit and perseverance, you can and will reach it.