The internet has provided a perfect platform to make money in many different ways. Many entrepreneurs in the present generation are opting to do business online. 

Being an online entrepreneur, however, means working on your computer for even longer than 12 hours a day, and this can take its toll on you mentally, physically, and emotionally. The good thing is that there is a way to avoid burnout. Moreover, there is no better person to ask about the subject than a powerhouse entrepreneur?

Dean Aguilar, CEO of Digital Muse, runs his entire branding consultancy agency mainly online. He has spent most of his time doing business behind a monitor; thus, he knows all hacks to prevent burnout. 

Here are some of  Aguilar’s best tips to power through your day like a true entrepreneur and still avoid burnout cases.

The Pomodoro Technique

Unfortunately, the human body is prone to tiring, and a worker needs his rest from time to time. The Promodoro Technique helps to maximize his productivity. The Pomodoro Technique is one sure way to keep yourself alert and productive while working on your project. Although it requires one to take many breaks while working, the technique does work wonders if done right.

In this technique, you take a 5-10 minute break after every 25 minutes of working. While on these breaks, the best thing to do is go outdoors and view natural sites or take a walk to change the scenery. This technique recharges the brain, and you will be as good as new when you go back to work. It also means you will make more money since you will be more efficient. Work hard, but work even smarter.

Exercise While at Lunch Break

Working at your computer full time means you can eat at your workplace any time you want, that will increase your chances of eating fast food, which is mostly junk. Sometimes you feel you need a soda to re-energize yourself only to end up with a sugar withdrawal or feeling faded later. There is another better and healthier way to recharge in the afternoon when you feel spent. 

Go for a workout session during lunch break.

Working out helps take your mind off work for some time, reducing stress levels and keeping you on top of your game. While working out, the body produces endorphins, which will help you go through with the rest of the day. Endorphins are responsible for stress relief and decrease your chances of getting depression. Your day will even seem shorter. Another good consequence of this is that your body will look even better; the only thing that is going to get fatter in your pocket. Exercising in the afternoon will give you the natural boost of morale.

Invest in Your Work Environment

Your work environment has a significant direct impact on your productivity as an entrepreneur. A broken chair or a faulty computer will not motivate you to work; in fact, it will just slow your progress. In this line of work, you need everything to run smoothly. An unpleasant surrounding or faulty equipment should not be what is stopping you from achieving your goals. 

Buy the best computer, the best desk, and chair, soundproof the workplace, get a noise machine for mood or a good pair of sound-blocking headphones and anything else that will make your workplace the best place for productivity. 

It is also essential to keep everything clean and install some air conditioning. A clean environment will increase your motivation, and you will want to be there all the time. With time it translates to more money and more pride in your job. Make everything more accessible, and chances of a burnout reduce.


Working online might not seem like much work, but it truly is as hard as any other job. Sitting in front of a monitor for long comes with its own set of issues. However, being behind the screen should not prevent any aspiring entrepreneur from exploring the vast internet market. Agular’s tips work incredibly; everyone should have them. It is no wonder he is as successful as he is.