Being an Autism Mom and a work from home Solopreneur in Pandemic was the biggest turn around of my life. Read to know How YOU can turn this pandemic to your own benefit and wellbeing.

If you are a special needs parent chances are really high that you are finding these extra hard than regular Jones. No childcare/ daycare or school, stuck at home and in some countries (like Canada, where I am from) you might have essential bans from even getting out of home with kids! So how on earth did I not only recovered from my suicidal depression, extreme anger, frustration of losing my university research and lecturing job, no daycare but also building a new career and business from ground zero??

Here are 5 ABSOLUTE Rockstar clues:

I made my wellbeing and health THE PRIORITY:

I literally made the decision one crisp April day in 2020 to put my oxygen mask first in a non- selfishy way. I asserted the importance of me needing 15-20 mins for Yoga and some more quiet time while my husband watched the kids. I started healing my own postpartum body by tuning into which food were causing me to fog up, feel lethargic or heavy and which were doing the opposite. Eliminating foods I wasn’t digesting properly helped me big time.

Once you have more energy you can fight, right?

I put my Emotional Health on pedals:

Now that you have a functioning body you need a functional mind to go with it. The biggest mistake we humans do is going about our daily lives on auto pilot. We tend to get by rather than “winging it”. Sitting with my thoughts and a journal helped tremendously. Identifying my thoughts, feelings, fears and worries on paper gave me a lot more clarity. When we see something on paper it makes more sense to either accept our lacking and errors or find out how much we were unnecessarily worrying.

Put your thoughts on paper and sift through my friend

Setting out routines in blocks rather than time slots:

If you have kids at home who needs all the help in the world and a newborn you will quickly learn that making an hourly To Do’s never works!! What worked instead was putting “Blocks of time” set aside for a task. A typical block system might look like this:

5 am-7/8 am: Self study or selfcare

8-9:30 am: Breakfast run

9:30 -11:30 am: House chore/client call/ cooking

11:30-1 pm: lunch and nap time hussle

1-4 pm: Work

4 – 6/7 pm: Snack, kids activities.

6/7 to 8 pm: Family time/ dinner

8:30-10 pm: Bed time, unwinding, clean up.


Rinse and Repeat!! You get the drill. When you have blocks you give you more legroom to put in or pull out things that need your immediate attention. Plus you now have about 6 hours to work….kids free. I put my son to tv when he isn’t napping so he is busy and I can get some work done. Other times the tv is off limit and no handheld gadget in this household of special needs. Yes! I am speaking the truth and Yes, it is possible.

Organize and streamline your system, it makes all the difference.

Prioritise, delegate, delete

Oh I cant tell you how important these 3 simple things did to my sanity and productivity. Prioritize ONLY NEEDLE MOVING activities. Find the top 3 things daily that you absolutely need to do to make the most impact. You got only this much energy, stability and focus to be able to power through right? Why burden yourself with “FLUFFS”…aka things that are just busy work without much impact. (eg scrolling phone, not making that post/video that will bring in more clients, not meal prepping to save time, not reading that book which will teach you 5 things to better your life or business…you get the drill). Delegate to others to keep things from pilling on your plate, implement and be assertive with your partner. Delete the fluffs. Declutter!!

Only needle moving task and no fluff.

Meditating, hypnosis, selfwork

I cant tell you enough how great of an impact it made to my sanity, success and wellbeing when I started identifying my limiting beliefs and releasing them through journaling, self talk, affirming, meditation etc. Doing any good thing a few days wont give you that great an impact until you practice it for a length of time. Initially you might not see shifts. But with time this has a domino effect and in some days you will break through your mental Everest that are holding you back.

Emotionally sound you is a successful you.

There, I gave you my 5 best tips on how starting TODAY, you can turn around your own life and head to a better and awe-inspiring destination. I am with you. Share your thoughts.