Entrepreneurs always have a busy day ahead of them. Things can sometimes get overwhelming, especially if there’s too much to face in a single day. 

Trenia Norford, a professional matchmaker and dating coach, knows how a lot can happen in a day. Aside from her career, she’s also a wife and a mother who’s very dedicated to fulfilling her duties. 

So how does she fit all her tasks every day? The answer is through proper scheduling and planning. 

Planning Her Day Right 

One of the main reasons why entrepreneurs feel stressed and burned out is that they have too many things on their plates. This situation is almost inevitable because their position comes with various responsibilities that they need to fulfill. 

Trenia avoids getting overwhelmed and other negative emotions by creating a balanced and well-planned schedule that allows her to divide her time and give it to the things around her that need it most. 

For instance, she allotted early morning hours to herself so she can prepare herself for the day and mitigate the effects of stressful situations. She follows her self-care routine so she’ll be energized and motivated to carry on through the rest of the day.  

During the rest of the day, Trenia then balances her time between her family and work. Through proper scheduling, she can attend to important work-related concerns without sacrificing quality time with her family. 

Time management and balancing relationships are some of the common struggles that entrepreneurs and professionals have to deal with. But like almost every aspect of life, they can overcome it through proper planning. 

Having a daily schedule may seem irrelevant to some people who prefer to seize the day as it comes, but for Trenia and others like her, it can help them set boundaries for a work-life balance to avoid stress and burnout. 

Proving Herself In Her Career 

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in love with love. Helping people find their way to happiness has always been a passion of mine,” Trenia said. 

As the owner of Connectricity, a highly professional and personalized boutique matchmaking firm, she caters to relationship-minded single professionals nationwide. 

But her career hasn’t always been easy for her. When she started, she had to prove herself to her husband. 

“Leaving corporate to start matchmaking full time was challenging because I had to prove to my husband that I can effectively turn a passion and hobby into a legitimate business,” she shared. 

Now, Trenia has worked with hundreds of clients with an 86 percent success rate of matching clients to long-term relationships. 

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