Jared Sanborn

Jared Sanborn is an entrepreneur, C-Level executive, investor, and current founder & CEO of both Eyefuel PR and Pure Technology Inc. While Eyefuel PR helps clients in the marketing and press spaces, Pure Technology is still raising investments ahead of its secretive launch. Jared is incredibly well versed in marketing, R&D, operation leadership, and corporate strategy, and had some fascinating things to share. 

His Background 

Before Jared was a massively successful founder and executive, he was a high school kid hustling to make a few bucks by selling handbags and CDs. Even though he didn’t have the resume of work he has today, he still had the same relentless attitude. 

He read hundreds of self-help and business books, tried and failed at a few ventures, and eventually went all in on digital marketing. While he had to sacrifice friendships and relationships along the way, his take on improving himself and his career is incredible. He says, “Your decision to make a change must be greater than your desire to remain the same. Thus, change is literally a decision you need to make with actions to back it up.” 

His Experience

Jared has founded & owned 4 companies, consulted for others, and has worked at almost any role imaginable in a company at one point or another through ownership or involvement in startups. This experience has given him a versatile skillset, and these skills have enabled him to be a tremendous leader for Eyefuel PR and Pure Technology. 

He has experience in marketing, advertising and sales, has worked in marketing & sales strategy for companies, has managed complex systems and cross-functional teams, and has been widely recognized for his visions with corporate strategy. 

His Mindset

Jared is motivated by far more than money. Not only does he work to achieve true freedom in his life, but he also works to make a real difference in the world through the companies he founds. With such a sense of purpose, no challenge is too big for him. When discussing the topic of overcoming failure, Jared says, “Everyone has challenges in their lives. The only difference is that those who intentionally bring challenges into their life are up for them and are prepared to overcome them.”

Jared brings challenges in his life by shooting for the moon with the companies he creates. While the details around Pure Technology are still largely a secret, the company is set to shake up the AI, big data, and consumer electronics markets for good. With these being 3 of the biggest industries in the world right now, it’s safe to say he’s shooting for the moon and will stop at nothing to make it a success.