Each one of us has a child residing within us. This child tugs at our heartstrings as we reminisce the simple, joyful, and uncomplicated childhood that we had. This child comes out naturally each time we do something playful, cheerful, or silly.

But sometimes, this child could be in distress when confronted with a painful past.

I believe we all go through the childhood stage with some degree of hurting that affects how we cope with situations later in life. Our unmet needs and unhealed wounds from the early life continue to manifest in adulthood.

Unfortunately, many of us are still in denial that they exist. We keep hiding from or ignoring the core issues that weigh us down and defeat us in the face of difficulties. But our inner child, as persistent as a child can be, keeps prodding us to face and heal the issues of our past.

Christine Szymanski’s words about the Inner Child have hit me right in the feels. “Your true passion for life is hidden away within you. Your inner child holds the key to this. What did you enjoy doing as a kid before all the adulting began? Take time for yourself, recharge, and let your inner child come out to play every once in a while.

Each time I take a breather from my furious schedule (I am a co-owner of a organic beauty brand and have plenty of here and abroad), I allow my inner child to lead the way every once in a while. Traveling to many different places in the world and learning about new cultures are the moments well-spent with my inner child, who is always curious and in awe of new things.

But even by just keeping still and listening to what the child within me has to say helps me uncover my innermost conflicts and resolve them so that I can live in harmony with myself.

Although we have different ways of reconnecting with our inner child, we all have the same goal in doing so – to heal and be happy once again. Here are some of the reasons why reconnecting with our internal child can bring us back to happiness.

  1. Reconnecting with our inner child benefits our well-being.

Remember those happy, carefree moments we had as kids while playing hide-and-seek, dancing in the rain, or running around the field? Those were the days!

Revisiting those precious childhood moments doesn’t only put smiles on our faces but also strengthens our mental health, relieves stress and tension, and helps us live longer, based on research published in the Frontiers of Psychology.   So when we approach life with a playful attitude, everything in our daily life becomes exciting, fun, and engaging.

2. Reconnecting with our inner child bolsters our confidence in ourselves

As the adventurous, curious, and imaginative children we once were, we enjoyed exploring and learning from the things around us. We dared to discover many new things despite getting bumps and bruises from falling or tumbling down. Reconnecting with that child within us gives us the confidence to carry on with our dreams and conquer new heights.

3. Reconnecting with our inner child is crucial to our inner peace and healing.

Not everyone has positive childhood experiences to cherish. Those who went through abuse, bullying, neglect, abandonment, and all sorts of emotional pain during childhood have difficulty dealing with life’s challenges and are more likely to develop faulty adult behaviors. Within these people resides a child who was wounded, fearful, and in need of protection. Acknowledging the presence of an aggrieved inner child is the first step towards healing.

The healing process may take time as we sort through our emotional turmoil and unpleasant experiences. But when we acknowledge the wounded child inside us, we’re on our way to finding our inner peace and happiness that we so wanted.

Our inner child holds the key to our happiness. Letting the child within us come out and play does not mean focusing on the good times alone. It also means coming to terms with our painful past so that we can move forward and begin to live a peaceful and joyous life.

So, how long has it been since we got in touch with our Inner Child? Surely, our child self wants nothing more than our genuine love and affection. It’s high time to embrace her and give her all the love she deserves.