Relationships are simply thoughts about another person. We think a relationship is something between two people and you feel their emotions about you. But we actually cannot ‘feel’ other people’s emotions we can only feel our own.

We as humans only have access to our own thoughts about people that creates our own emotions.

Other people’s thoughts and emotions DO NOT create our emotions. This is very interesting and great news.

As business building moms we will have lots of important relationships – each of these relationship types impact how we feel about ourselves, how we show up as a mom and partner and greatly affect our potential in this world.

Here are some great convo starters – sit with yourself, get a deeper understanding of the most important relationships in your life.

Relationship with your clients / business:

  1. Your thoughts about your business
  2. Thoughts about your clients, boundaries
  3. How you prepare yourself to show up for work
  4. How you keep yourself accountable
  5. How you hold a future and goal for yourself
  6. How you inspire, serve and comfort clients, employees and vendors

Relationship with yourself (most important and least thought about!)

  1. Your thoughts about myself – sentences about you (I can’t earn money, I’m too fat, I can’t exercise…)
  2. Your thoughts about your actions – judging and criticizing your own actions or inaction’s
  3. Thoughts about your past – this reveals how you feel about your life. What does your future look like? It all starts in your mind with your thoughts.
  4. Thinking and defining yourself from the future – vital shift to success. Are you in love with the people in your life? Business? Client? Activities?

Relationship with people you don’t see (not in your life now or passed away)

I love this one because I used to this when the person is gone or deleted from my life I’m free, healed! BUT that is so not the case, as we all know. You can have a relationship in your mind with someone you haven’t seen for 20 years, that you broke up with 5 years ago and that died when you were 15 years old. This is also great news because you get to narrate and own the story YOU want.

Why is this so important?

Your relationships and connection to yourself, business and others is the barometer to the quality of your life. Carve out time to dig deeper into this and live in the future vision of how you want to think so you DO have the relationships that you desire.