Over the course of the last decade, we have seen a significant impact occur in a handful of different industries, including the clothing industry. Not necessarily gone but forgotten are the days of getting the latest release of the shoes and clothing that you’ve been waiting for months to drop. Sadly, in today’s world, if you find yourself in that situation, more likely than not, you’re going to lost to someone with a bot, and you will be left empty-handed.

If that feels all too familiar to you, look no further than Reluxe. Reluxe is the all-encompassing, one-stop destination for anything and everything revolving around difficult to attain footwear and streetwear. They have the widest selection in all of South Florida and guarantee that all their items are 100% authenticated.

During the global pandemic, Reluxe had to shut its doors, temporarily halting service. Instead of going into a panic, the team took the opportunity to do an overview of their services and touch base on all aspects that could be improved on. Taking these considerations to heart, they set forth to level up their store in every way possible. They offer the best experience the resale game has to offer and have become a hotspot because of this reason.

“Being able to purchase and keep the shelves stocked with inventory is one thing but having great customer service and actually caring about the customer after the purchase while building a lasting relationship with the client is a whole different story.”

When it comes to the purchasing experience and being able to get clothes that previously escaped your grasps, Reluxe is the place that stands out above the rest. They have used the last year and the changing of tides to create the best store they possibly could.

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