Some people become successful. Others, like Ronnie Gauthier, build their lives around helping other people become successful. Becoming a major force in both the business world and in social media as an influencer and content creator, Ronnie has found herself running one of the most successful teams in the North American financial industry.

With tenacity and ambition, Ronnie has been helping lead, train, coach, develop, and mentor thousands of people across the nation to enable them to reach financial success. Driven by the personal growth of her clients, Ronnie Gauthier has grown a passion for helping others succeed. ”Coaching and training others to work in this industry is my absolute favorite thing to do on a daily basis. I love taking someone who, like myself, had no prior background in the industry but has the heart to help people, start from scratch, and build a career for themselves. I get to take part in not only transforming their finances but also their mindset and identity.”

When Ronnie first began working with her husband, Jay Gauthier, it didn’t go off without a hitch. However, the passion and drive for what they do lead them to persevere, and find a working system that helped them elevate their system beyond expectations. Currently, Ronnie and Jay have approximately 150 agents within their organization. “We work with some really amazing people in that they really love what they do. Ultimately, if you love what you do, you do good.”

Ronnie has said that she measures success in two ways: “First, how many people have I helped hit their goals? I don’t think I would love what I do if it was only about my goals and my bank account. Secondly, I measure success in how I have grown as a person and an entrepreneur… I have grown in my passion, self-confidence, mindset, and so many other ways.” With an obvious passion for growth, Ronnie hopes to apply that same growth to her organization.

Within the next five years, Ronnie hopes to see a thousand agents working alongside her, and before she retires, 25,000. The ultimate goal is to reach more people and help as many people as possible become ambitious, financially successful, and growth-minded.

You can find Ronnie Gauthier on Instagram here.