In the world of today, there are more opportunities than ever. It is no secret that being a Virtual Assistant has multiple upsides, especially in today’s economy. In fact, after the whole world went into “crisis-mode”, more entrepreneurs than ever were forced to go online and grow their virtual business.

What does this mean for you? Well, the demand for qualified Virtual Assistants has NEVER been this high, so if you’re a VA or aiming to become one, and you want to make an extremely good income without being overworked and underpaid, then you’re in the right place.

Here to guide you through this journey to freedom is Sara Wiles. Sara is a VA trainer as well as an online business mentor. When she was just starting her business, she struggled to get things going. After trial and error, she managed to make a modest $48k in her first nine months, working only part time.

Today, she runs multiple businesses which made her over $215k in 2020 alone, working only 28 hours per week. Having free time is essential for Sara. In fact, she’s also a wife, mother, dog lover, champagne connoisseur and the co-host of “The Happy Thoughts Show”, and she wouldn’t trade her hobbies for anything in the world. They make her fulfilled and happy. And that’s what she wants for her students. 

See, there’s a big problem that plagues most VAs right now: they start their own online businesses looking for more freedom, only to get slapped in the face and they end up stuck in the same corporate-like life. In other words, their own business feels like the very thing they so desperately were fleeing in the first place.

With Sara’s approach, you’re able to create your business around your life, and not the other way around. You don’t get stuck working endless hours to no avail. Inside her course The Start, she helps VAs from all walks of life use the skills they already have to build their own business, make good money and build a life of freedom and independence, in a matter of months, instead of years. She also reveals everything she’s learned in terms of finding new clients, signing clients, charging what you desire, and handling delivery- so you never feel lost and always know what to do.

If you want to learn more about Sara Wiles, what she does and how she can potentially help you, feel free to check out her instagram by clicking here, or visit her website.