Countless times, you will hear someone say, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” What you won’t hear them say is that often, there is no possible way to make sweet lemonade from the bitter lemons life throws our way. Such was the life of Savannah Grace. She, like 5% to 16% of other children was born with SPD.

SPD is the abbreviated form of Sensory Processing Disorder, formerly called Sensory Integration Dysfunction. It is a neurological disorder that prevents a person to respond normally to sensory information. Savannah’s story is one of hope, endurance, and inspiration. How she was able to overcome SPD to become a much-needed source of inspiration to many.

Living With SPD

Growing up, Savannah Grace was scared of tall people, panicked when she heard too much noise, and couldn’t stand the texture of some of her favorite clothes. She had troubles expressing her feelings, emotions and also had troubles using words. So she would only use pictures and sign language to communicate.

At the age of 5, Savannah knew she was not like other kids. She even once told her mom that she had bubbles in her brain. All her parents could do was watch their daughter grow up amidst the struggle to keep up with ‘normal’ children. At some point, her condition was mistaken for Autism. In her own words, Savannah Grace says, “I can still remember how strange it was, but now all that has changed. I am now comfortable to use my story to make others feel welcomed and not alone.” So, how did the tables turn in Savannah’s life?

Beating SPD to Live Her Dream

We asked how she overcame SPD, Savannah says, “It was through various therapies, patient parents, but most importantly, my faith.” As she grew up, Savannah dreamt about being the next Hannah Montana. She wanted to be on TV and was determined to fight her way to the reality of this dream. That is how at the age of 11, she landed a role in a popular game show on Cartoon Network. She beat hundreds of other auditionees who weren’t struggling with their emotional and physical health at the time.

Shortly after her debut on TV, Savannah landed another role on Let’s Make A Deal, which was a family episode on ABC. Nothing was ever going to stop Savannah from this point on in her life. Her love for the camera led her to overcome the fear of being in the presence of many people and now she could advance her talent in music. Savannah Grace has performed on stage in several cities and it is almost impossible to tell that she is the same little girl that couldn’t stand loud noise.

Savannah Grace Today

Unlike many people who have faced similar or worse struggles, Savannah likes to talk about what she went through. She believes that by doing so, she is able to inspire others who face various struggles in life and to pass the message that all is not lost. Savannah Grace has built a social media community where she talks about her struggles in life. She says that it helps people see that she is just like them.

Savannah uses her story as a positive message that as hard as it was, she got through it, and so can anyone else. Though her primary target is people facing emotional, physical and any other life draining battle the message she shares on social media is for everyone in the world. From not being able to express herself, Savannah now performs on stage and even has a YouTube channel where she spreads positive energy as well as infecting others with the desire to be successful.

What the Future Looks Like for Savannah Grace

Savannah Grace is poised as an influencer with a difference. She is not the kind that uses numbers to move causes online. Her aim is to use her story as a genuine example of what hope, endurance, and inspiration can do even in the midst of an impossible situation. Looking forward to launching her first book later this year, Savannah is ready for the future and what it has to offer a young and aspiring influencers.