It is imperative that people pay attention to what they say about themselves. Sometimes we forget that words are like seeds, and when planted they will take root and germinate. There is a saying that goes “The number one force in the human mind, is how one describes themselves to themselves”. Sounds familiar? One of my favorites quotes out there for sure.

I have come across a vast number of people that give themselves negative labels without knowing it. It can be as simple as saying, I am very lazy and that is how I have always been, to I will never be debt-free, or I will not amount to anything greater. By making these types of negative declarations, we are already adding pressure to our mental state automatically. We are also choosing weakness over the strong abilities that humans have. Our minds operate on what we say or believe we are.

 Human beings are not moved by logic, we are moved by emotions because we are emotional beings. Therefore, when we put ourselves in a box and place those labels, our emotions are affected, hence conditioning our thoughts to think that the limitations we have placed on ourselves are real.

Author Doctor Marta Hiatt, Ph.D, notes that “ there is an intimate connection between the state of mind and state of body which has finally gained acceptability in science”. There is truth in this, as research has proven that words do manifest and directly impact our mind, process of thinking, and actions.

One of the things we must do to improve our mental health is first changing our mindset. The change must start with us. We must reset and choose to redefine the present and not hold on to our past if we want a better future. Get rid of the negative labels. Human beings are priceless; hence no price tag should be applied to you or anyone. We all have the ability to access unlimited resources within us. There are a lot of untapped resources within us, that if we take a chance on ourselves and believe, we are bound to experience a massive transformation that will not only motivate us but inspire those around us to make a change. Ask for help, be willing to look at the problem and reflect,  be ok with taking breaks, we all need an outlet and it’s ok to fail because failing forward is what creates the change we need to soar.  It is important to find people and other things that help you become a person of value in some way. There are so many resources out there at the tip of our fingers. You do not need to wait for anyone, just start were you are and with what you have.  Let your environment motivate you. Forgive yourself and heal. Be kind to yourself and remember you are the number one formula for better mental health. There is always a choice, so trust that you deserve to live a life of fulfillment and abundance.’

Enzo Ochoga, Mindset|Transformational Speaker|Agile Coach

 founder at Transform My Universe

IG: @Enzoochoga