Being a successful entrepreneur and an economist at a young age of 24 is undoubtedly a feat only a few can achieve. Reaching the top is challenging for sure, but staying right there for long is even more difficult. But this young lad, Anthony Williams, has not only been able to achieve all that he wanted, but he has also been able to remain focused on his goals and with a clear head to keep reaching milestones marking his success and astronomical growth.

Often people tend to lose focus and get off-track as success gets in their heads and takes them down. They get used to loads of money and a lavish and luxurious lifestyle and indulge in all that lavishness but often forget their earlier lives full of struggles and hardships. They, as such, deviate from the primary purpose and goals they were working for and, in turn, end up landing back to where they started.

A man of values does not forget his roots, he keeps his eyes on the goal, and works hard constantly and consistently to keep achieving bigger and better things for himself and for the world and the people around him. This very quality is what distinguishes Anthony from the rest of the lot. He is continually working and striving to achieve something new and is busy making a mark and impact in his area of work. There are moments of despair, and Anthony has his share of stress, agony, and disappointments too. But how does he manage to stay focused? Let’s find out.

Dealing with Stress and Disappointments –Anthony Williams Way

According to Anthony, the only thing that he is ever stressed out about is his time. He feels like he has too much to do, and too little time. Trying to manage and utilize his time efficiently is one of the most stressful things for him. He feels that time management is one of the most important skills one should try to inculcate in themselves. He finds that, though managing time in the most effective manner is never possible, time can surely be allocated towards everything and based on these allocations, you can control and limit your habits, good or bad. “At the end of the day it’s always about proper asset allocation”. Anthony says, if he could sum it up into one sentence. Because time is the most important asset of them all.

Anthony tries to escape his stress by finding a chance to squeeze out a little time to play his favorite sport – Basketball. The game is a huge stress buster and offers him a quick way to relieve and vent out all his stress. You will find him at the court if he has nothing to do. That explains pretty much about the excellent health he maintains. Always remembering to make time for market studying and personal self development as well as physical activity, Anthony handles his stress and anxiety in style and avoids the burnout in his well-crafted way.

Anthony’s Advice to the Young Entrepreneurs

One of the most prominent challenges youngsters face is to stay focused with consistent efforts towards one thing. A youngster will often lack the patience that is required to achieve great results, and if something does not work too quickly, he may lose interest. This is how they leave some great things they started unfinished. Another thing that does take a toll on their mental and physical well being are their habits. According to Anthony, having good or bad habits is not a problem unless the bad habits outweighs the good ones. “It’s not always what you do, but it’s how you do it.” Anthony says, repeating a phrase that his grandma always told him. He advises that it is better to limit the bad habits and replace them with some good habits. The more good habits you build, the better it is. Anthony does point out that every person functions differently and has thier traits, and based on that, one can decide what to keep and what all to eliminate.

Conclusion – How did Anthony do it?

As such, Anthony Williams is a man with a clear mind and approach to keep doing things. He values time management as an essential skill and advises all youngsters to allocate the right amount of time in the right way. He tells the youngsters struggling to focus on limiting the bad habits and replacing them with good ones. To kill stress, he chooses a sport like basketball whenever he finds time.

That is how this young entrepreneur & economist manages to manage his stress and avoid burnout.