Immy Tariq is a celebrated social media legend. He is the co-founder and CEO of Webmetrix Group company. Immy partnered with another social media legend, Huey Lee, in founding the company back in 2017. Since then, Webmetrix has expanded to a multimillion-dollar company that provides services in digital marketing and online reputation management. 


Immy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular Medicine and Biotechnology from the University of Essex. He planned to attend medical school. However, he changed his plans and left London for the U.S. When he came to the U.S, he immediately ventured into the real estate industry. “I tried to make it in the real estate industry. However, I could not thrive in this industry due to lack of funding,” says Immy. After struggling in real estate, Immy followed the council of his mentor Bob Proctor and entered the digital marketing field. It was Bob who taught him how to master all forms of traffic and other core elements of online marketing. Only two years in the area and Immy wrote a book. The book became a number one best-seller. The success of his first book paved the way for a series of national T.V. interviews on CNN, ABC, Fox, CNBC, NBC, CBS, Bravo, A&E. Currently, Immy is a voice in CNN and CNBC. He has also authored articles in Forbes, Entrepreneur, INC, USA Today, and many more. 

The Entrepreneur’s Journey

Immy is no stranger to failure. Like every successful leader, he has had his fair share of challenges in the path to success. “As lovely as it would be to have a smooth path to success, failure is an inevitable part of the process. However, I have learned to see failure as feedback,” says Immy. This entrepreneur has a positive attitude towards failure. He sees it as feedback. According to Immy, when you see failure as feedback, you are able to learn and make improvements for the future. Before starting Webmetrix, Immy owned a business growth strategist firm known as Whispers2Wealth. Although the firm was able to achieve a 250% growth of companies via a geometric system, it was not without its challenges. “We were not prepared for the long-term, particularly in matters of innovation,” says Immy. Conversely, the lessons obtained from his first start-up enabled him to plan carefully with Webmetrix. 

According to Immy, success requires a careful blend of boldness and strategy. He says that you have to be bold enough to take the risk and grasp the opportunity. Still, without a proper plan, the competition may intimidate you. “Webmetrix was born out of an idea,” says Immy. According to the entrepreneur, he could see the opportunity in the market. He knew he had the knowledge, skills, and experience to offer a service that would make him a success. Immy has raised over $400 million to acquire and scale seven figure companies. He is quick to note that the key to success is agility. “A business leader should have an agile mindset, especially in this digital age,” says Immy, “Failure to have this mindset may prove fatal.” 

Making it Big in the Media and P.R. Agency 

Webmetrix is the leading digital marketing agency in the world. The company offers clients services such as multi-location SEO, online reputation management, and public relations. In a span of 90 days, Webmetrix helped a construction site make 400k a month. “There are firms that fail to appreciate the power of digital transformation. When they partner with us, we help them come up with solutions that increase their ROI,” says Immy. The entrepreneur also raised 36 million in acquisitions in 24 hours. This success came through knowledge and experience. Immy is an expert in the field of lead generation and SEO. He has published several articles and e-books on the industry. So far, he has worked with over 200 companies, helping them create a digital footprint and omnipresence across all social media channels. “The secret is discovering your niche and perfecting it,” says Immy. According to the entrepreneur, this is how he went from being a medical school drop out to a CEO of the world’s leading digital marketing agency. He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to find that niche that they enjoy being in and perfect it. 

Work-Life Balance 

Immy recognizes the value of attaining balance as an entrepreneur. He states that meditation is an opportunity to brainstorm. When he is not working in his 7 figure business, he enjoys spending time with his family. “My wife, Aimme Tariq, is my biggest supporter and influencer. She has helped shape my life and encourages me never to give up,” says Tariq.