Have you ever arrived at the end of the year and felt sad because you never lived up to the goals you had set? You didn’t save any money. You didn’t lose the weight. You never got the promotion. And for some of you, you actually did the opposite. Instead of excitement and glee, you’ll look back at the year negatively and be happy it’s gone. You’ll silently wonder to yourself… “will anything change this year?”

I have a little trick that I want to share with you.

     I set my intentions on December 1st. I know, crazy, right? I’ve always been a rule-breaker but there’s a valid reason to my madness here! When you set intentions for the New Year in December and follow through New Years Eve becomes a beautiful celebration of what you can accomplish, rather than another depressing evening of reflecting on what could have been.

With this one simple switch and some accountability, you can wake up New Year’s Day feeling hopeful, proud and excited.

 Are you ready to set yourself up for success?

Well, let’s begin with goals. So many of you rush to set goals or resolutions that are based on tangible, physical objects such as losing weight, saving money and getting a promotion, but you often forget about the process from getting there to getting here. A goal with an expected outcome has no clear definition on the path. The road can be bumpy, painful and at times even downright depressing so why do so many of you set goals that hurt?

You expect that arriving at your goal will change how you feel but that isn’t always the case.

Goals are based on the physical and often times when we obtain them, we only enjoy them for a day or so and then we rush onto the next step, the next goal, the next hurried piece of life. But how different would life feel if every day was filled with feelings of joy, love and support? I imagine it would feel beautiful.

In order to live in the moment, feel our days and be our best self we must spend less time focused on the expected outcomes and more on how we intend to feel.

Bring on the power of intention. Have you heard that phrase before? It’s often heard in a yoga or meditation class, by a wellness guru, your local health center or nowadays even at your doctor’s office. Intentions are powerful and when used correctly can guide you towards all that your heart desires.

How you feel is the most important piece of your day. If you’re unhappy it’s bound to manifest in various ways in your day to day. If you’re smiling, happy and positive others will meet you there as well. Energy is contagious and what you put forth is what will be mirrored right back to you.

When we focus on feeling how we want to feel the universe guides us towards what fills our heart.

In this case, when you focus on the feeling, your thoughts change and your positive thoughts become your reality. And when you begin to set feeling based intentions in December you’ll never look back at the year with regret. You’ll only look back fondly and continue on your way. No roadblocks. No obstacles. No emotional meltdowns throughout the month of January about how you can’t commit and your life is never going to change: only happy feelings that will last throughout the year.

How do you want to feel?

Begin by journaling. Spend a week or so journaling about your thoughts and your daily activities. After a few days go back and reflect and pull out the pieces that made you happy and the pieces that made you sad. Then take those pieces and pull out the ones that made you feel alive. Of those that fueled your internal fire create a list of words that align with that feeling such as happiness, elated, joyous, creative, fulfilled, energetic, supported, beautiful, worthy, more than enough, whole, centered…  Our individual desires are all different. And as we grow, our desires evolve.  Be sure to choose words that align with how you want to feel and where you currently are in life.

Bring these feelings to fruition by setting reminders around you that this is how you want to feel. If you set an alarm clock, have the meeting be your intention. Set reminders on your phone throughout your day with beautiful words that remind you of how you intend to feel. Therefore, if you find yourself out of alignment or tempted to make a mountain out of a molehill you’ll be reminded about what’s most important. Create a daily heart centered mantra around your intention and become one with that feeling.

Now watch as it all beautifully unfolds.