Imagine your life without your phone; I am damn sure you can’t! The thing is your mobile phone has got you covered for almost everything, and due to this much dependability, no none can imagine the life without smartphones.

Smartphone is unequivocally one of the most significant technological advancement of the modern world. From shopping to socializing, from communication to playing, everything can be done with a smartphone.

These are just basic outlines of how smartphones are contributing to the modern world. However, there is much more smartphone is bringing to the developing nations.

One example of how smartphone is revolutionizing the developing nations is the way of business execution. Companies are constantly searching cost for creating an app, investing in mobile applications because people prefer to buy via smartphones.

Besides, there is much more that smartphones are contributing to the developing nations. Let’s dive deeper to explore how Smartphones are revolutionizing the developing nations.


Smartphones are reducing learning curves for the students. Previously, it was challenging for the students to search books and study different courses. Now, students can easily find a whole library with the help of smartphones. Moreover, students can take admissions in various online courses in which they can participate via smartphone.

Students can easily access online books through which they can prepare important notes. In this way, smartphones are playing critical role for promoting education. Not only that students can explore more with the help of YouTube videos that are easily accessible using smartphones.

Since smartphone and internet connection go hand in hand; so, students can get information on the spot for whatever they are looking for.

Phone Banking

Traditional banking is quite time taking and encompasses complicated processing. People find it difficult to peruse. Earlier, it was a rigorous task to process payments, send and transfer amounts, receipts confirmation and more.

The arrival of mobile banking is not less than a blessing for many bank users. Smartphone has made it easier to sending, transferring and processing payments. Anyone can transfer amounts with just a single tap. Also, phone banking lets people shop anything then and there.

There are modern banking apps available which not only help in completing the payment processes, but users can also effortlessly perform other banking functions, including transferring mobile top-up. Smartphones have made banking simpler for the general public and provided an unbelievable ease to the users.

Health Awareness

Smartphones also revamped the way people get health awareness.  A number of online surveys showed that more than 10 million users in the USA find health information via smartphones.

Besides, smartphones are also playing a great role for the betterment of human life. There are various apps available through which people can track their exercise routine, blood pressure, diet plan, water intake, calories intake and much more. It indicates that smartphones are playing a crucial role in the health area.

Improving Social Life

Without a smartphone, your social life will be a disaster. No friends online, no instant chit chats nothing like that is ever going to happen. Using smartphone drastically improve social lives.  People are so busy in the work-life, but thankfully smartphones quickly lets you connect with friends and family. It also reduces stress levels of the individuals.

Access to the World

Knowing the world seems easy with smartphones. With internet connectivity, smartphones help you get the latest information on the go. It means that today, users can easily access headlines, news, updates about technology, and other useful information can be easily retrieved via smartphone.

Before the arrival of the smartphones, it was quite hard for the common users to acquire this much information, but smartphones are making ways and reducing distances between human interaction and technology.

Quick Aid/Charity Process

When it comes to developing nations, then charity and aid is the common thing that is required for the development.  Before smartphones, people found it difficult to pay donations or charity.

Mobile phone networks are strong and covers multiple areas. It made donation process effortless. One can easily donate money without leaving the comfort of home that’s the power of a smartphone and developing nations are leveraging it to the fullest.

Expanding Communication

Earlier in 2000, there was no concept of video calling, but with the increased advancement of smartphones, the way people communicate to each other has changed radically. Internet and smartphones together meeting the communication needs like never before, giving people a chance to talk and get connected on the go.

Smartphones are also improving business communications. It enables people to get in the loop even when they are at different locations, with different time zones. Individuals can set up meetings and discuss important things together for enhancing their business productivity. Smartphones have bridged the gap between people and expanded the way we communicate to each other.


Today, smartphones are the biggest source of entertainment, particularly for adults. If you have spent a tiring day and looking for a way to get entertained, then there is nothing good available than your smartphone.

Smartphones have robust connectivity, and that’s the core reason they can be used for a variety of things. No matter you are tired or bored you can easily listen to your favourite songs, watch movie and send voice notes. One can also easily log in to Facebook and other social media sites to instantly keep up with friends.

Smartphones Have Limitless Potentials!

Smartphone is a highly-efficient gadget, and no one can imagine life without it. It is rapidly changing the way we work, communicate, perform business activities and much more. Our lives are so much dependent on this little gadget.

Smartphones are not less than a laptop; it provides so many benefits to the users. Besides, communication, entertainment and other prominent benefits, smartphones also offer other extensive facilities. 

Some additional smartphone potentials, include sharing docs on the go, searching for nearest places to go, booking cabs, scheduling both personal and professional routine, and much more is accessible with the tiny device.


  • Khalid Durrani is an Inbound Marketing Expert and Content Strategist. He has helped many brands in expanding their business. Currently, he is Global Marketing Manager for Cubix, a mobile application development company. He tries to humanize technology through inspirational content.