Doctors at Harvard Medical School have confirmed what musicians have known for years: songwriting can be healing and transformative.

The Harvard team studied ten veterans involved in Songwriting With Soldiers (SWS), a project that unites songwriters with returning men and women.

In the small but innovative study, veterans and military personnel who joined the Songwriting With: Soldiers (SW: S) program composers showed a 33% decrease in scores on the PTSD checklist, military version ( PCL-M) after 4 weeks.

SWS regularly holds retreats in which veterans (and their families) tell their stories to established songwriters. Then, they co-write a song in a process that many veterans believe can be life-changing (and in some cases save lives).

Drs. Ronald Hirschberg and Louisa Sylvia looked at symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression in veterans before and after the writing sessions. They found that four weeks after the sessions, the veterans experienced a 33% decrease in PTSD symptoms and a 22% decrease in depression symptoms.

A report in The Harvard Gazette on the study suggests that two things are at stake here. First, the process of telling their stories and tapping into traumatic memories appears to help veterans deal with anger, frustration, and guilt.

“We hypothesize that our veterans showed improvement because they used their personalized narrative of trauma and experiences, and thus this may be a unique form of exposure therapy for this population,” co-investigator Ron Hirschberg, MD, assistant professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, told Medscape Medical News.

Secondly, the song that is created in the process is a useful tool in itself. Many veterans said they found it hard to speak directly to loved ones about their trauma. Being able to share a song that summed up their thoughts and feelings was a positive thing that fostered greater understanding.

Bring My Song To Life (BMSTL) was created just for this purpose. BMSTL is a service of the Tunedly music production family. Tunedly is an innovative music production and music publishing solution for songwriters.

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Chris Erhardt, the co-founder and CEO, says the company created Bring My Song To Life after receiving frequent requests to provide personalized music with lyrics for people who are not songwriters. “They were looking for special gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and other special occasions,” he says. 

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There is no suggestion that songwriting is a cure-all, but the study serves as a timely reminder of the power of the human creative process.