For experienced entrepreneurs to share their stories on how their circumstances (good or bad) have helped them reach ultimate success is pivotal for motivating rising leaders. To share means to help others learn and spark an interest in the pursuit of their dreams. Steve Griggs has taken the lessons he has learned in his career to elevate himself and those around him. The published author and member of the American Society of Landscape Architect has invaluable experience and knowledge and to be able to take note of them is a game changer.

Steve Griggs is the owner of New York City’s finest landscaping design companies—Steve Griggs Design. With specialization in landscape design, swimming pools, outdoor entertaining space and the development of luxury homes and communities among others, Grigg’s brings decades of experience and expertise in each of his projects. With a repute one of New York City’s top landscape design experts, his success has taken him to be features in the world’s biggest publications.

Griggs’s Impeccable Work Ethic

The most impressive aspect about Steve’s success comes from his ability to work hard and be consistent in doing so. He starts his day as early as 4am to begin his day answering emails. The motivation behind it stems from the perspective he puts into his days. He looks at it in this way “If I am starting my day at four in the morning and competition doesn’t start until eight, I have four hours ahead of them!” Griggs uses him time effectively and maintains an impeccable work ethic.

Steve Griggs is admired by the communication he maintains with his clients—one that attracts business leaders from all over the industry. He executes every project with effective communication and his clients are always aware of the progress and timeline. Griggs helps visualize an idea and makes it happen because he takes the time to work thoroughly with his clients as he becomes part of their building family. Moreover, Griggs’s educates his clients on what’s involved in order to develop a deep understanding of the work being done to their homes. His work ethic enables him to create a bigger picture of the project.

The Three-Step Approach to Make Things Happen

As the demand for landscaping projects has become more than design, Griggs has transformed it into a lifestyle. Steve’s unique three-step approach when speaking with his clients enables him to make things happen. He listens, anticipates and creates. He takes time to listen to his clients and the needs and wants of the marketplace. Griggs is then able to anticipate the needs of his clients. Through all of this, Griggs is finally able to create most ideal space for them and their families.

For Steve Griggs Design, the three actions are important for marketing and project success. Griggs makes incredible transformations because of his ability to listen, anticipate and create. His masterpieces speak for themselves as he has been able to generate over $20 million in landscape design. Griggs’s commitment to client satisfaction is evident and so is his passion. Through his passion, Griggs’s results are nothing short of amazing.

Steve Griggs Design is Transforming the Industry

Positioned as the go-to designer for landscape design, Griggs and his team are truly making a mark in their industry. Steve’s 35 years of experience are only matched by his expertise and knowledge on transformations. He implements a working mindset that few entrepreneurs possess. He is the first to wake up and the last to go to bed because he uses his time to make great things happen. Griggs is transforming the landscaping industry in ways that go above and beyond what has been seen.

Griggs’s discipline and business approach are just some of the factors that position him as one of the top entrepreneurs in his niche. He ensures that his results is not a representation of his work but a piece of art that creates a unique environment for the families he gets to work with. Grigg’s authenticity and willingness to roll up his sleeves establishes him as the ultimate landscape designer and entrepreneur. He inspires others in his industry to be bold and believe in the worth of the challenges that lay ahead.