In any career and industry, some naysayers will question and doubt the capabilities of any artist or entrepreneur. Any right-minded individual knows that this negativity should not keep them from achieving their dreams, rather use this criticism to motivate themselves into proving that they’re more than capable of succeeding in their chosen path. 

Seattle hip-hop and alternative artist Swang knows how important it is to prove haters wrong and just do what he loves to do. If he didn’t he wouldn’t be one of the most underrated and unrecognized Asian-American music artists today. 

“I started making music in the basement when I was 14. I remember people laughing at me when they heard my songs, but I never gave up on it because it’s my passion,” he said.  

Developing A Thick Skin 

Because he and his music were criticized at an early stage, Swang has learned not to care about what other people think and focus on his craft which is what he loves to do the most. 

“I try to not care about what others think. If you want to be in the music industry you need to have thick skin,” he said. 

So rather than listening to others, he chooses to listen to himself and build his confidence that he can create quality content that best embodies his skills and talents as an artist. 

Dealing With Stress And Obstacles 

When faced with obstacles, Swang makes it a note to not let it happen again. 

“Most of the obstacles we all face are obstacles that have happened to us before in some way or another. I am proactive about who I am around, the environment I am in, and how I react to an obstacle,” he said. 

He believes that how people react to things that are thrown their way is the best way to gauge how well they can handle problems in the future. 

“It’s all about how you react to the things that are thrown your way. If you dwell on all the mistakes you have made in the past or freak out about obstacles that come your way, then you will never know how to maneuver past them next time, and it will proceed to happen,” Swang said. 

And when it comes to dealing with stress, the hip-hop and alternative artist from Seattle has one approach to it: confidence. 

“ Stress comes from not being confident in what is coming or overworking yourself. That’s why I own everything I say, I speak my truth, and balance my life with the right people,” he said. 

Get to know more about Swang through his Instagram account (@swangsix).